Another day, another year, another step in the right direction. Hard to believe that I’ve been blogging here now for over four years. And out of those four years, 2011 possibly saw the greatest amount of evolution of this site and its overall purpose. We also grew statistically more than any other year, with traffic more than doubling since around this time last year, and my income reaching the point to where I could hire some help behind the scenes.

Every year, I like to recap some of the better articles that we’ve run on the site, both for newcomers, and for people who want to go back and re-read some favorites. New Year’s is usually a time for reflection, and so here’s a chance to look back and reflect on where we’ve come from recently:

Dating Articles:
Before PostMasculine was launched, this site existed as Practical Pick Up, and focused exclusively on men’s dating advice. Therefore, the majority of the site’s content still reflects men’s dating advice. Here are some of the highlights from last year’s dating articles.

Butchering the Alpha Male – A long-needed take down of “alpha” culture in men’s dating advice, and the flawed logic behind it.
The 80/20 Rule of Chasing Women – An overview of what pick up theory is worth the trouble, and what’s just a distraction.
The Fake Alpha Males – Exploring how a lot of what passes as dominance and “alpha” behavior is really just insecurity and over-compensation.
Pick Up Placebos – Solutions in dating that work, but not because of the solution.
Women Lovers and Women Haters – A psychological look at men who obsess about their love lives.
A New Masculinity – My overly long searching for the meaning of masculinity and what it means for us.
The Pain Period – Discussing the discomfort of opening oneself up to experience more emotions and communicating authentically.
The Cheerleader – The only report from this past year, an account of my experiences with a cheerleader, both good and bad.

Models Excerpts:
Possibly the biggest sea change with the site and business was the release of my book Models this past summer. It redefined everything for me, to the point where I re-started my entire business in order to be congruent with the book’s message. The book focuses on attracting women from the perspective of personal and emotional development, not tactics or techniques or over-compensation. A few articles were incorporated into the book. And there are a few excerpts on the site as well.

What Are Your Stories?
Phone Numbers
Power in Vulnerability
You Are Not a Victim
She’s Your Biggest Fan

Every now and then, the dark side of my sense of humor can’t help itself.

The 10-Step Guide to Getting HB10’s EVERY TIME! making fun of how the pick up industry perceives beautiful women. Serious follow up post about hot women here.
The Player’s Guide to Farting in Night Clubs — Don’t ask.

One aspect of the site which is expanding is content dedicated to lifestyle and general life development. A few choices from the past year in that category:

Your Honest-to-God Guide to STD’s
A Dust Over India
Shut Up and Dress Well
Shut Up and Join a Gym

New Writers:
In late October, I introduced a group of talented new writers to the site. Over the past couple months, they’ve provided some great work and I look forward to seeing what they contribute in the coming year.

Ambition vs. Availability – Frank takes a look at the life balance an ambitious man must struggle with, what he must give up and what he must work to preserve.
The Necessary Order – Samer’s argument and realization that improving oneself must start from within and move out, not the other way around.
7 Fashion Tips to Improve Your Look – Gill’s contributed a lot of amazing fashion articles over the past few months. This one’s a good place to start.
Exposing the Nightclub Industry: Part One, Two and Three – Xander’s acclaimed three-part series on how to successfully traverse the night club scene without looking like an idiot or losing your mind.
The Proper Allocation – Samer’s reflections on 2011 and how he’s learned to focus on balancing his priorities.

As always, thanks to all of you for the continued support. We’ve got some major plans for 2012, so stay tuned.

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7 Responses to Year in Review: 2011

  1. Kendiv says:

    Found this site in September and I must say the information on here has been very educational and an eye opener to me. Many thanks to you and your writers, and congratulations for a job well done! Happy New Year!

  2. justanotherdude says:

    Love the book (halfway through it), love the site! Keep up the great work!

  3. Chris says:

    I’ve come so far in the past year. I attribute a great deal to Mark and his work.

    Cheers to a great new year.

    PS: Looking forward to the next gen G3.

  4. Samer says:

    Thanks for this, Mark.

    Very helpful.

  5. Drew says:

    From the beginning I was skeptical of the Pickup industry and when I actually used some of their stuff it intuitively felt so goddam weird and unnatural I just decided to try and learn it all on my own. This definitely worked, but took many years; I’m still not at the point I want to be. When I read Models, it was amazing how everything I had personally observed but could never put into words were laid out exceptionally well in a easy to understand way. Basically you did what I should’ve done, and wrote down my experiences and observations, thus allowing myself to learn from them. Though I admit this is lazy, but now I don’t have to because the book has it all. It’s the reference guide that I always wanted but never took to procure myself.

    Thanks so much Mark for this site and your amazing book! Really appreciate reading your “dating wisdom” Looking forward to what’s in store for 2012

  6. JohnnyD says:

    I love this website. Such a great resource and always so funny!

  7. Socialkenny says:

    Some great post there.I read probably half of them a while back.Irony is though,2011 was my worst year ever with pick up(9-10 girls flakes)and employment.The only positive was getting my blog active.

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