two new interviews of mark manson

Two rather long, involved interviews of me went up this week. One on women and dating and one on how I built my business.

The /r/seduction section of Reddit (also know as ‘Seddit’) recently hosted an IAMA with me. IAMA’s are open forum question and answer sessions where anyone can post a question and the host answers it.

Last night, I participated and ended up answering over 85 dating related questions. Anyone who knows my material won’t be surprised that a lot of my answers focused on identity, self-esteem, overcoming anxiety and the objectification of our sex lives.

Read the Seddit IAMA Here

The second interview was recorded over a month ago but came out this morning. BlogcastFM interviewed me on how I built my business and how I managed to succeed in a crowded and competitive market. We also talk about my writing style, how I improved my writing, rebranding my site as Postmasculine and creating products. The interview came out to almost an hour long and it’s one of my favorite interviews that I’ve done in a while.

Listen to the BlogcastFM Interview Here

If you’d like to interview me for your website, feel free to get in touch with me.

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7 Responses to Two New Interviews

  1. A says:

    Mark, I’m interested in getting your books but your ‘add to cart’ button is linking me to a 404!

  2. Toni says:

    Thanks for the IAMA Interview, made alot of things clearer for me!

  3. Paul says:

    Hi Mark,

    I took the time to listen to your Blodcast FM podcast interview and found some really fascinating insights there.

    A couple of points really resonated with me:

    1) Getting caught up in trying to analyse and predict every single last aspect of the business to ensure success when in reality you can only ever take a best guess and take steps in the direction. It’s not something I’ve managed to completely overcome but I’m getting a lot better simply by focusing on intrinsic motivators as opposed to external motivators.

    2) Taking decisions and committing wholeheartedly to them. My childhood was a breeding ground for insecurity for me and while I do have new found confidence in my adult life every now and again I do find myself questioning my decisions and abilities at times.

    I also really liked your point about reading from the top authors from the past and studying what they did to create such compelling literature. I’ll do a 30 day challenge of studying pieces for one hour per day and write a blog post about it because the idea fascinates me and I think the benefits will likely be significant.

    I would definitely like to hear you do more on the topic of your experience as an entrepreneur – and that’s coming from someone who rarely has the time or the inclination to spend an hour listening to a podcast.

  4. olivherbst says:

    Just listened to the blogcastfm record. Interesting, especially how you clearly differentiate the target group. I really would appreciate another post, where you talk about the technology you use, where to look for the best scripts, what marketing strategies to use and how to get the communication with a broad target audience going.

  5. flashawesomo says:

    I’ve implemented your slow progression technique with women. Progress has been slow for me but the times I have taken chances have caused me to grow more than I have in a long time (joining collegiate track is the only other time i have grown this much mentally) and even though i still have yet to get a date or a lay with a women, I have come a long way since purchasing your book “models” 5-6 months ago.

  6. jaketgarut1 says:

    i think with all the different types of weed i should have a nice weekend .

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