It’s been almost two years to the day that I released Models. At the time, I ran a marginal, but growing, pick up blog. When I wrote the book, the thought of introducing the concepts of neediness, vulnerability, and polarization to the industry scared the crap out of me. It was like no other men’s advice written before. I knew it had the power to change everything, but also the power to submarine my career and reputation.

But the content was, ironically, honest. It was what had transformed my life and so I trusted in its ability to transform others.

As promised, here is the latest and final revision to Models. More was cut from this edition than added, mainly because I felt some of the advice was either out-dated, long-winded, or just flat out wrong. The final revision of Models comes in at a cool 296 pages.

The goals with this final revision were to streamline the entire book, update some of the concepts early on in the book, and use terminology that is a bit easier to understand and more easily translatable into other languages. I also removed a lot of specific references to PUA. When I released the book in 2011, most people who bought it were PUA-types, but now the majority of people who buy it have no PUA experience so it doesn’t make sense to focus on them so much in Chapters 1 and 2.

If you’ve bought the ebook version of Models, you will automatically be emailed an updated version today. If for whatever reason, you don’t get an email (i.e., you bought the book a long time ago and aren’t in our records anymore) then please send a copy of your receipt to and we will send a new copy of the book to you. ANY type of receipt is acceptable (Paypal, Clickbank, even Amazon) for an updated PDF copy of the book.

Kindle users will be able to update to the new version. But since Amazon drags their feet, look for it some time early next week. You should get an email from Amazon about it when it’s ready to be updated.

The hard copy version of the book on Amazon will also be updated some time next week. But obviously I can’t send everyone a new copy of the book. So if you bought the hard copy and want a version of the new PDF, just send your Amazon receipt to the email address above.

List of changes in the Final Revision:

  • New cover art.
  • Added a couple paragraphs to the Introduction to clarify the book’s purpose.
  • Deleted the entire PUA section from Chapter 1
  • Changed “non-neediness” to “True Confidence” and “Fake Alpha Males” to “False Confidence.” Neediness, in general, is now referred to as a lack of confidence or false confidence. The definition of the concept is exactly the same. Re-wrote and revised almost all of Chapter 2.
  • PUA tactics are now referred to as “Performance” behaviors towards women. Added explanation of why performance is not confident nor attractive.
  • Eliminated the idea that men must always be less invested than women for a relationship to be healthy.
  • Added the examples from Vulnerability and Manipulative Women to Chapter 3.
  • Revised many examples to minimize the focus on cold approaching in bars/clubs.
  • Revised parts of Chapters 6 and 8 to emphasize that rejection represents incompatibility not inadequacy.
  • Added more good places to meet women in Chapter 8.
  • Drastically shortened the sections on fitness and nutrition in Chapter 9. I’m no expert and god knows you can find more information than you’d ever need online.
  • Cut out the section about being well-read in Chapter 9.
  • Deleted the Stereotypes and Responsibility section from Chapter 10 because it was redundant and repetitive.
  • Cut out a lot of PUA’ish stuff from Chapter 11.
  • Rewrote my explanations of flirting in Chapter 11. Instead of describing breaking rapport, I explained sexual tension and how it’s generated. Ultimately I think it’s a much less theoretical and practical concept than breaking rapport was.
  • Expanded a bit on approaching and first impressions in Chapter 12.

All in all, I deleted about 20 pages and added about 10 pages. And, of course, dozens more of the infamous typos and grammatical flubs were fixed. I really think this is Models in its final form. It’s now written in such a way that any man, anywhere in the world, could pick it up and understand its concepts and see how they apply to his life and situation without it being too theoretical. As mentioned previously, I plan on translating it into a few languages later this year and pushing it to an international audience.

So look for a PDF in your inbox later today. If it doesn’t show up, simply email your receipt to and we’ll get you set up. Look for Amazon updates early next week.

And obviously, if you’d like to buy the book for the first time, now is an excellent time to do it. You can do so here.

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36 Responses to The Final Models Revision

  1. JW says:

    Suh-weet! One question: Why cut out the section about being well-read? Isn’t being well-read a good trait?

  2. Cameron says:

    Thanks for the free up-date! Now I can re-read it and maybe actually understand vulnerability! :-p

  3. Furious Styles says:

    Hey Mark,

    I bought Models on Kindle over a year ago. Will I be getting an update sent to the email I use to write here or do I just go to Amazon?

  4. T.J says:

    Glad to hear that we’ll be getting a revised version. However, I’m curious as to why you replaced “non-neediness” with “true confidence”. Your definitions of non-neediness allowed me to identify situations in my life where I have been needy while giving me a better understanding of how it can put off women. But how would replacing the term with true confidence be able to illustrate the same thing? Although true confidence is probably what we all want to attain, non-neediness perfectly described the needy behaviours that we want to be aware and get rid of.

    Just my two cents, but perhaps you address this in the book.

    • Mark Manson says:

      Translation issues. Also fits nicely as opposed to false confidence.

      False Confidence = Imposing one’s will, demanding attention, being the best at everything, always.
      True Confidence = Valuing one’s perception of one’s self over the perception of others.

  5. A says:

    This sounds good and I can’t wait to read the updated version.

    But I want to say that I quite liked your explanations in terms of neediness. It really hit home with me the first time I read it because I feel like being needy is the cause of most negative stuff in my life. It makes me do stupid things and prevents me from taking honest action. The constant need of being liked by people that don’t matter, it’s an irrational fear of not being accepted and it sometimes feels like the end of the world. God forbid that they don’t like my hair or don’t like what I said.

    For me, non-neediness isn’t confidence but rather neediness destroys confidence. If you’re needy, then you take a hit to your self esteem every time you don’t get a positive response from someone, and that’s fucked up.

  6. Guill says:

    I really liked the non-neediness definition also, for me it was a real an eye-opener, first time in the blog and then in the book. The way you present it now Mark seems much more distant, it speaks much less to me. But let’s check the update first before the final comment 🙂

  7. Valentino says:

    Hey Mark out of curiosity why did you remove “the idea that men must always be less invested than women for a relationship to be healthy.” from what I remember you did lay out that in long-term relationships with woman that it’s not so much the case but when initially ‘picking up’ woman it is. So why the change?

  8. thanatos says:

    So does it still hold true when initially meeting the girl? And how does that piece of advice fit in with “not performing”? Isn’t it a performance to e.g. fake disinterest to some extent in order to seem less invested than her? Or should we be making the mistake anyway if it’s honest and vulnerable and the statement is only thought to explain what went wrong and help us grow, so that next time we are truly less invested?

    • Mark Manson says:

      Yes it’s a performance to fake disinterest. It’s not about seeming, it’s about BEING.

      • thanatos says:

        So let me rephrase it: Being less invested than the girl early in the interaction is still relevant, but we should forget about it because either we have it or we don’t. The “fake it till you make it” approach won’t work, especially not long term. It’s an issue that takes care of itself over time when being honest and vulnerable, even if that means doing that exact mistake a few times.
        Did I get that right?

        • João says:

          This is the way i view it right now:

          – Men are generally more needy than women (MASSIVE GENERELIZATION, i know, it mainly depends on each single person)


          -it is yet to come a man that lays a foot on this world who picks up a woman by actually feeling needy. The only way to get a girl by beeing needy is IF she’s more needy than you. Wich are mainly fat girls or worse… women with emotional issues.

          Therefore, dating is a matter of being in emotional sinthony with the girl. Feeling as “neutral” as she is in the begginning and slowly getting conquered by her (IF it’s case for it, as it also means to step away if she’s incompatible)

          This is achieved by having EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE. Or, by other words, having the right cognitions and beliefs to genuinely feel the way you should, when you should.

          Beliefs like:
          1.Managing Expectations – By having none at all! Having the expectation of sex, start dating or anything else may making you feel needy when you see things are not coming up as you expected!
          2. Quit viewing sex as a ladder – Dating is about going on some dates to have a good time and see what the other person is about, and if it’s case for it, having sex. Not a super mario bros game, where 1st level is kissing 2nd level is sex, etc… That’s a very lame belief from dating advice, that screws up expectations. Just because you kissed does not mean it will happen next time or that she won’t flake on you.
          3. GENUINELY having Standards
          4. Being aware of your emotions, most importantly your emotional needs and perceptual bias… it’s key info that helps you manage your emotions
          5. Vulnerability

          And could go on and on and on lol…

  9. Shadow_Nirvana says:

    “Eliminated the idea that men must always be less invested than women for a relationship to be healthy.”

    Wow, had you really said “always”?

    Fluctuation of power always happen in a relationship. But I believe that generally, for a relationship to be succesful a man has to have the overall “hand”. Did you mean something similar by that?

  10. Nik says:

    Hey Mark, will it be possible to buy the final revision of models in a physical version too?

    Keep up the good work. You are an inspiration!

  11. Traindom says:

    Awesome. Your work has really transformed my life. It’s really morphed the way I see things emotionally. It’s totally redefined the way I see true courage or strength. I also owe a lot of my heightened emotional awareness to you.

    Been with you through two site moves. Ready to go through the next step in the evolution of your brand!

    By the way, I realize that this post seems more appropriate in your previous post but I was inspired to write it now, haha.

  12. Vlad says:

    What made you decide to use a red tie as a book cover?

  13. anonymous says:

    Would it be possible to attain both versions of Models if I were to purchase the updated one now?

    I had been interested in purchasing the book before you updated and revised it, and some of the stuff you edited out actually still interests me (someone who looked into the PUA community in the past), and although it isn’t “useful” or “relevant,” like you say, I would just like to read it of the heck of it.

  14. G says:

    When I update on my kindle will the original version remain?
    I would like to keep the original version

  15. Jack says:

    Final revision means – there will be no more, guaranteed?

    Actually, there is a free audiobook version at Amazon/Audible read by the author himself? But I hope you get compensation for the free audiobooks as well. 😀 The question is it is which revision of the now numerous?

  16. G says:

    nothing from Amazon yet

    • Mark Manson says:

      They told me they have to put the book through a “review” process to decide if they’re going to email everyone or not. For all I know, it could take weeks. The book IS updated on Amazon now though.

  17. Vincent says:

    Just finished your book and goddamnit did I learned a lot. It will take some time to improve myself in all areas necessary, but the knowledge that you shared made me understand dating and attraction so much better, that my confidence skyrocketed. Signals that girls are giving me in my demographics are clearer than ever (and I missed a lot of opportunities, that’s clear after reading the book) . Now it’s time to put everything into practice.

    Thank you for writing this book and sharing everything you’ve learned, the knowledge has already made a huge impact on me and I know for sure that it will help improve my life for the better. I can’t wait till the new version is available at the Dutch webstore (where I got the previous version), do you have the answer to that? We don’t have Amazon yet in the Netherlands and I want a physical copy of the new version.

  18. Dave says:

    Just got the new version. New sections have several typos, but it’s otherwise well written.

    The sexual tension section seems a lot less structured, which was probably your intent. But what would you tell guys who liked the more structured method and knowing what to do next? Eg. Assuming attraction, breaking rapport, qualification. You’ve used that to break down conversations in some of your past products. Do you not believe in that method anymore? I know you’re trying to make things more practical but I found that method helped in guiding an interaction.


  19. Vahid says:

    2 quick questions:

    1. the changes sound like you tried to make it more “different” and more “politically correct”. What are the motivations behind the changes?

    2. I assume the audio version on Amazon contains the new changes, right?

  20. James says:

    Thanks Mark, for the very thorough breakdown of the revisions to Models. Based on your listed changes, it does look like some distancing away from the concepts and terms of the pickup and seduction community. And that’s probably a good thing because let’s face it, most men looking to get better with women weren’t looking to become pickup artists in the first place. Game has always been game and that’s been around long before Neil Strauss, Mystery and the PUA thing. So if the changes to “Models” mean more men will be able to understand, implement and improve their “game” with women, then it is of course, a good thing. Of course, if good, usable content was removed just to placate feminists and line up with conventional dating advice, then that wouldn’t be such a great thing. I doubt that’s the case, but I think that might be the basis of some of the concerns about the new version. In any case, thanks for the update, look forwarding to reading this thing cover to cover.

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