OK, I’ve had enough. I get questions like these so often, it’s time to set the record straight for good. Pay attention. A reader wrote:

“Hey Mark. I was wondering man, how do you get the HB10’s? Like I know I do OK opening 7.5’s and 8’s. But HB10’s are so hard man. There are these three HB10’s in my accounting class, and I even though I never talked to them, I just know that they’re hit on all the time and fucked like every guy in school because they’re so hot. How do I compete with that? Thanks. – Jack”

Well Jack, you came to the right man. Not only have I been with numerous HB10’s, but I’ve been with a number of them who were accountants as well. So I understand your plight. And you’re right, that’s the tricky thing about HB10’s: they get hit on constantly and are always fucking guys whenever they want… except for you. In fact, they’ve probably fucked every guy in your accounting class except for you. But that’s OK, we’re here to fix that.

The 10-Step Guide to Getting HB10's EVERY TIME!

How to get high quality girls like this...

You’ve inspired me this morning. I’m about to unleash a megaton of awesomeness on everyone’s face. This is the money-shot of pick up advice, so prepare yourself. I give you “Mark’s 10-Step Guide to Getting HB10’s EVERY TIME!” Let’s start at the top:

1. Think Up The Coolest Opener You Possibly Can – We all know that hot girls get approached CONSTANTLY by guys trying to impress them and so they’re super jaded. They’ve heard every lame pick up line in the world. That’s why you need to think of an even BETTER pick up line. I have my special HB10 openers, but I’m not going to share them here because that’s like sharing the enriched-uranium of seduction knowledge! But let’s just say I’ve got an awesome foolproof opener that involves Kim Kardashian, the geopolitics of the Indian sub-continent, and my cat. I’ve gotten like eight runway models using it… in one month.

The biggest mistake inexperienced guys always make is they assume they can just walk up to a hot girl and say “Hello.” As if a super-hot babe would ever want to meet a guy who has the balls to just walk up to her confidently and start talking! LOL!!@!

2. Tell Her Stories About How Awesome You Are – Look, we all know that an HB10 can be with like any guy on the planet, right? So you have to STAND OUT. You have to tell her SUPER AWESOME stories about yourself. Some of my go-to stories are: the world tour I was on with my awesome rock band; the financial firm I started and sold to Wall Street for like a billion dollars; the time I had a threesome with Vegas strippers in the back of my Ferrari. I could keep going, but you get the idea.

Now I know what you’re saying, “But Mark, I live with my mom and the coolest thing I’ve done is make Diamond League in Starcraft 2.” Dude, it doesn’t matter if your stories are true or not. You just say them anyway. Who cares if you live with your mom? You make your own reality man! Besides, you’re going to be banging her so hard soon, she won’t even know where she is.

3. Don’t Pay Attention to Anything She Says – Super hot babettes are always going on about this, that or the other. Why don’t I know? That’s right, I don’t care. Look, hot girls don’t actually have personalities, they just have shit tests. And the more you listen to them, the more you’re going to get shit tested. So you might as well just ignore them to begin with and go on telling your awesome stories about how awesome you are.

The other reason you shouldn’t ever listen to hot girls is because like EVERY guy listens to them. Duh! And we don’t want to be like every other guy, do we?

4. Make Fun of Her – This is the most classic move in the book. You meet a girl who is hotter than you are, so you make fun of her so that she won’t realize how hot she is anymore. This is CRUCIAL to picking up these girls. I mean, she just spent like 3.5 hours getting ready to come out: picking out her outfit, doing her nails, doing her hair, doing her make-up, just so that she could look good in front of a bunch of horny drunk guys… her self-esteem obviously needs to be brought down a notch!

5. Don’t Use Big Words – Look, we know that hot girls are dumb. OK? There, I said it. It’s pretty much a proven fact. And if she acts like she’s smart — she’s not, it’s just a shit test. I had this super hot HB10 all into me the other night, and she started quoting Shakespeare on me, saying she majored in English Lit in college (lol, like they have English Lit at Hairdressing School). So I was all like, “Wait, I didn’t know Shakespeare had picture books.” LOL! She was totally into me, but then she had to go to the bathroom and her friends told me she was crying and didn’t want to come out. Fucking cockblocks.

6. Talk About Sex All the Time – OK, if there’s one thing HB10’s know about, it’s SEX! And if you don’t believe me, just go watch a bunch of porn. Look, HB10’s are fucking guys ALL THE TIME. I mean, if you were that hot, you would too, right? So it’s important that she understands that you know what you’re talking about when it comes to being between the sheets. She doesn’t want to hook up with some dude who doesn’t know how to bang her the right way. She’s used to being seen as a sex object, so that means you need to treat her like one.

7. Project Your Insecurities Onto Her – I know HB10’s are a lot harder to approach man. And you may think that it might be just because you’re more nervous around them. But that’s not true at all, it’s because HB10’s are entitled bitches and are going to blow you out at a moment’s notice. And you may be thinking that maybe you feel you have to impress her so much not because of how beautiful she is, but because you have a desperate need to prove your masculinity to yourself and to others…

LOL!!!! YEAH RIGHT!!! HB10’s are super high status bro, and the only way to show them that YOU’RE high status too is to just try THAT MUCH HARDER to impress them! God I can’t believe I even have to explain this some times.

8. Treat Her Friends Like Shit – Speaking of high status, that’s obviously the only reason her friends are hanging out with her. What I’ve found with friends of Super Hot Bitches is the following: they’re either 1) ugly girls using them to be higher status 2) dudes trying to bang her, or 3) other SMOKING HOT BITCHES!!! There’s no in-between. Some of their friends may act like they really like the HB10, but remember HB10’s don’t have personalities… they’re just empty vessels that get hit on and fantasized about constantly.

This is why I prescribe treating her friends like shit. Not only will this show her how fucking cool and alpha you are, but it’ll get rid of those pesky social climbers always hanging around.

9. Make It Clear You Fuck Other HB10’s – Again, HB10’s are part of an exclusive club. And it’s important that you let them know that you’ve been a part of that club before. I usually tell them all about the time I threesome’d Vegas strippers in the back of my Ferrari back in 2009. It works like a charm. I think it’s because telling an HB10 about all of the other HB10’s that I’ve fucked makes them feel special. It sub-communicates that they’re the best, because it lets them know that I don’t just go after any fat skank (even though I do, LOL!!!).

10. Tell All Your Friends You Fucked a Model – This is the most crucial step. After you’ve fucked her — or even if you didn’t fuck her and you just made out, same thing — tell all your buddies how you fucked this SUPER HOT BABE who was like an HB10 and a Maxim model. They’ll all be so fucking impressed and jealous and it’ll just make you that much more Alpha. Sometimes I tell guys I fucked an HB10 even if I didn’t. But I don’t give a fuck. I make my own reality, bro. No one can penetrate this frame, baby!

So there you have it Jack. You’ll be gang-banging those accounting bitches in no time flat! And even if you don’t, just tell the other HB10’s at school that you did. They’ll fucking love you for it.


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44 Responses to The 10-Step Guide to Getting HB10’s EVERY TIME!

  1. Anonymous says:

    April 1.st was 3 weeks ago. I don’t get it.

  2. Jeff says:

    oh… my… god… lol

  3. unsexyMF says:

    This is going to be in your upcoming book, right, Mark?

  4. Ben says:

    I don’t know what’s funnier…this article, or how some pick-up gurus (who shall remain nameless) manage to write 200 pages saying the same thing!

    Great post, Mark, but where’s the self-created terminology for normal social practices? Where’s the ‘breakthrough in seduction technology…nanocalibration’ 😉

  5. Breeeeeeeeettttttttttttt says:

    Great post and all, but you forgot to mention that you NEVER open a door for an HB10 or buy them a drink. In fact, I like to trip them as they walk by just so they know who’s boss. Also, they don’t respect you unless you blow a load right in their face, preferentially their eye, right after sex. Like you said – just look at porn!

    Finally, although I think your post is PRETTY GOOD, you don’t really mention anything about HB10 threesomes. You’ll get there someday bro, don’t worry, not everyone is as good at this stuff as me.

  6. Geert says:

    I feel sorry for Jack 🙂

    two things have probably happened:
    Jack is now fucking HB10’s or Jack is now crying in his room all the time. :d

    Either way Mark you’re responsible for both of them, LOL.

  7. olivherbst says:

    This post is like an anti-thesis to roosh´s compliment and cuddle guide. Just on the other side of the spectrum. And even though it´s satire, in this there are some true hints… but not many.

  8. David says:

    >let’s just say I’ve got an awesome foolproof opener that >involves Kim Kardashian, the geopolitics of the Indian >sub-continent, and my cat.

    Let me guess:

    “Can’t belief those pussies in India won the World Cup this year – even Kim Kardashian can bat better than that Tendulkar dude.”

    If you don’t know who Tendulkar is, the beauty of this opener is that you can substitute him for your local baseball star – an HB10 won’t know any better ; )

  9. Xander says:

    Now I feel pretty dumb for having paid $4000 for the Annihilation Method after you just gave all the info away for free here

  10. Willy Wonka says:


    Umm… It’s not April 1, bro.

    You must still be high from your 420 celebrations last night, huh?

    Only explanation for this post I can think of.

    Actually, your satire wasnt even congruent all the way through, I found myself saying, “wait, that’s actually true though” a couple of times.

    None the less, funny post. I take it you’re sick of dudes asking you how to get the HB10s.

  11. Andy says:

    Mark, this was SO HILARIOUS 😀

    You made my day 😀

  12. Gill says:

    This is so damn… LOL. It looks like any PUA could have written this shit up and sold it, or the kind of email you get from RSD. IT’S ALL ABOUT STATE MAN.

  13. Breeeeeeeeettttttttttttt says:

    Good post. Informative too if you take the right messages away from it (ie. a lot of the advice in the pick-up community is bullshit, and when you see it all together, it’s really easy to see how dumb a lot of the advice is).

    Basically, this post is like a wake up call to all the people who’ve gotten sucked in to stupid pu bullshit, giving us permission to actually act like REAL, DECENT HUMAN BEINGS to women.

    And it doesn’t need to be April 1st to write satire.

  14. Dr Feelgood says:

    Ha ha, let’s just hope this doesn’t get quoted in the wrong context somewhere, somehow, by someone! I can see that happen easily.

  15. OMG … I think I love you man.

  16. Axel says:

    In truth, I’ve met plenty of nice AND beautiful women and mean and ugly women. Shallow Hal ain’t got nothing on me. Why do people assume hot girls are bitches? Because that makes their beauty more justified? Would women be more intimidating with having the “amazing and rare” combo and niceness and beauty?

    Oh and throughout your article, David D. Angelo just ran through my mind the entire time.

  17. Christopher says:

    “But Mark, I live with my mom and the coolest thing I’ve done is make Diamond League in Starcraft 2.”

    Dude… do you play SC2? If so, AWESOME!

    coolest thing I’ve ever done is hit Platinum League,… but everyone knows ladies only love Diamond+ league-rs… and Koreans.

    • Rick S says:

      Being good at Starcraft gets you girls in Korea. I’m not even kidding. Hot girls, too.

      • Mark says:

        True story. I used to be a bit of Starcraft geek back in the day. About a year ago I was in NYC with Rob Judge and actually picked up a FOB (Fresh off the boat) Korean girl by talking about Starcraft. Then I kissed her and she told me I was her boyfriend.

        It was a very, very bizarre night.

        • Breeeeeeeeettttttttttttt says:

          lol, that’s awesome. My friends and I would have gotten so much pussy back in high school.

  18. Christopher says:

    “…because it lets them know that I don’t just go after any fat skank (even though I do, LOL!!!).”


  19. J says:

    HAHA I feel sorry for the one guy who takes this to heart

  20. Johan says:

    I tried a strat from this guide today and it TOTALLY WORKED!!!!

    This smokin hot slut walked by me at the mall, and I’m like… “Hey my model girlfriend just got back from going to space on Virgin Galactic….what kind of kitten do you think would make the best welcome-home gift” and she’s like omfg blah blah blah..

    And then I called her a dumb CUNT!!! cause that’s how I roll man, I’m not afraid of her, I’m higher status.

    And she like, didn’t know what to say.

    and I”m like, just give me your number bitch… AND SHE DID!!!&

    I TOTALLY just got done fucking her too!!!

    It’s soo much easier then I ever thought it would be.
    I love you Mark!

    • David says:

      It wouldn’t surprise me if some guys actually do this, and believing that it works, somehow it does work (look of shock…)

  21. Jack Greezy says:

    OMG! Lmao at first the advice was good, but as I went down it started getting stupid.. OMG! This was sooo hilarious! Bro are you serious?!? You gave shit advice at the end! Tell her how you banged other HB10s so she’ll feel special?!? STFU that was shitty advice bro, the chick would look at me like I’m crazy.. And tell your friends? Wtf? Lie to your friends about fucking a model.. Uhhh.. I don’t think so buddy! And treat her friends like shit?!? That was even shittier, you’re supposed to pay more attention to her friends then her you stupid faggot! Dude, you suck, you have no seduction skills! Fuck you man!

    • Guy says:

      This is intended to be a satire. But I can see why you’re confused…because it doesn’t sound like a satire; some of the stuff he intends as a joke, actually works! #1 for instance. If you walk up to a 10 and say “Hello” it clearly shows you’re interested, not a good idea. You do need an opener, even if it’s not a corny ‘line’, you DO need a well thought out opener.

      Good idea for a post, but badly executed.

  22. Matt says:

    I just gotta ask. Do “10’s” get hit on AS MUCH AS the Pick Up Industry makes them out to be? On POF/other dating sites where there’s a bit of anonymity and the confidence boost that internet gives, I’m sure 10’s get TONS of e-mails. But what about in real life?

    Do they really get hit on EVERYWHERE they go?

    • Mark says:

      They actually do. But what the PU industry over-estimates is how it affects them. I don’t think they get huge ego boosts out of it or a big sense of entitlement. From what I’ve seen, they’re very indifferent towards it. This didn’t totally make sense to me until I went to SE Asia and got approached 5-10 times a day by girls who just wanted me for my money.

      But really, getting approach 10 times a day doesn’t feel much different from getting approach 1-2 times a day at all. I’ll add as well that these girls handle rejecting guys with far more grace than you’re average bar girl. They’re usually very polite and comfortable turning a guy down… probably because they’ve done it so much more.

      I’ve never heard one of these girls say they enjoy being opened that much or talk about it being a big deal or like it made them cool.

      I actually have a real “HB10” article coming out tomorrow that talks more about this. These girls really aren’t that different than other girls. Everyone just treats them differently and I think guys get insecure around them and project that insecurity onto them,.

      • Axel says:

        But they CAN tell a guy’s intentions, right? I remember you remarking how you could tell right off the bat when a girl wanted you for your money and how it was an instant turnoff.

  23. Robin says:

    It’s sign of intelligence if someone (like Mark here his posting) can write satire. I really like his style and his critical view of the pickup-scene.

    It is like a lighthouse of insight in the dirty sea of pickup-marketing-crap.

  24. Guy says:

    Right, so you just made this up because you make your own reality. Ha, ha…you’re a funny guy.

  25. Domi Robbins says:

    lol’d so hard, man. I first read jsut the headline…at first i started thinking “is he fucking serious?”
    nice article

  26. Just a guy. says:

    I’m glad I ran into your articles before I ran into pua, that would have been a mess.

  27. Rich Duncan says:

    I don’t even know what HB10 stands for … I can guess at the 10 part… and should I know what a diamond league is?

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