Below are the dates for the speaking tour I announced back in January. There are 13 dates in 10 different cities. Both the US and Europe are included.

A few notes:

  1. All of the talks listed below are open to the public, except where noted. But be aware that most of them will require a small door charge to cover room expenses and some of my travel expenses. Door charges will be anywhere from $10-20.
  2. I’m giving three separate talks: one on entrepreneurship, one on masculinity, and one on attraction and dating. Talks for each location are listed.
  3. All talks are being given to specific groups but random readers (that means you) are welcome to attend. Many of the groups are men’s groups. Co-ed groups are noted. Women are invited to any talk, but be aware some of these are going to be sausage fests!
  4. Many speaking times are not known yet, but most weekday talks will happen in the evening or night.

Exact venues and times haven’t been set for most of the dates. If a talk has no location/time info up and you want to attend the talk, please email me with the name of the city in the subject line. I will add you to the list for that city. As locations/times become known, I will email you and update this post.

Date: City: Talk: Location:
3/27 Los Angeles, USA Online Entrepreneurship (Co-ed) Univ. of Southern California
School of Accounting, Room 301
3/29 Salt Lake City, USA Online Entrepreneurship (Co-ed) Univ. of Utah
Collegiate Room in the Union Building, 12:00PM
3/31 Philadelphia, USA Attract Women With Honesty Ethical Society Building
2nd Floor, Collier Conference Room
1906 Rittenhouse Sq, 7:30PM
4/4 New York City, USA Attract Women With Honesty 520 8th Ave,
Studio 16Q
7PM to 9PM
4/7 New York City, USA A New Masculinity 520 8th Ave,
Studio 16D
11AM to 1PM
4/8 Boston, USA Attract Women/Men With Honesty (Co-ed) Dilboy VFW Hall in Davis Square
371 Summer St., Somerville, 7PM
Limited Seating: Please RSVP
4/13 Coimbra, Portugal Attract Women With Honesty Portuguese Pick Up Convention
Contact me
4/16 Cologne, Germany Attract Women With Honesty Contact me
4/18 Zurich, Switzerland Attract Women With Honesty Novotel Zurich City-West
Schiffbaustrasse 13
8005 Zürich, 8PM
4/20 Berlin, Germany Online Entrepreneurship (Co-Ed) DCC Berlin (Private)
Members of Dynamite Circle Only
4/21 Berlin, Germany Attract Women With Honesty Krumme Straße 65 – 10627 Berlin
7PM to 9PM
4/23 Vienna, Austria Attract Women With Honesty Contact me
4/24 Vienna, Austria Online Entrepreneurship (Co-Ed) Contact me

Apologies for the shitty formatting. Any questions, please ask me in the comments.

And again, if you want to attend any of the talks, please email me and I’ll send you all of the necessary info once it becomes available.

It’s going to be an exhausting month for me. But I’m excited to get back out and speak again. It’s been a while.

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48 Responses to Speaking Tour Dates – Spring 2013

  1. Jay Neyer says:

    If you’re still looking at living in Spain or going to be around Madrid, we’d love to have you as a guest speaker!

  2. jay says:

    Are these talks free?

  3. Ryan says:

    Will any of these talks be recorded? If so, they could make a great addition to the site.

  4. DEREK says:

    Can’t wait for the Boston talk.

  5. Billy says:

    No Chicago?

  6. aT says:

    I’m hoping you come to Austin sometime

  7. mrhankey says:

    zurich is on the list? quadrupleawesome 🙂

  8. James says:

    When will you come to London Mark?

  9. aron says:

    if you happen to do London please mention on here

  10. David says:

    Cool, I’ll be back in Prague for either Berlin or Austria. Which do you think would be more convenient?

    Am interested in both topics.

    If you’re passing through Prague, let me know too

  11. daoistmonk says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing you in Vienna!!! what great news!
    i’m surprised to see all three german speaking countries are represented!

  12. Martin says:

    You should shoot / film them. I would buy the 3 talks. Just an idea for those who cant attend because of location..

  13. J says:

    If you have A NEW MASCULINITY in los angeles please mention here thanks.

  14. joneschris says:

    Looks cool but no Chicago wah wah

  15. baldur says:

    Hey Mark,

    You often give advice about giving up politics, watching sports, tv shows and computer games. While eliminating politics and watchning sports was fairly easy, I love strategy games too much to abandon this. I believe this is just some escape mechanism, I tried to give myself a brake and I would get for 1 year without any games. But after that I get an urge to play some and enjoy it. In this period (not playing) I found I watch tv shows and movies a lot more, which I don’t consider to be any better. How you have broken the computer gaming habit?

    • Mark Manson says:

      I broke the computer game habit years and years ago, although I still relapse sometimes and it’s really bad. I have a serious addiction to computer games, so it’s important for me to stay away.

      I think keeping SOME sort of leisure activity is important. It’s just important to make sure that leisure activity isn’t interfering with your well-being in other areas of your life.

      • baldur says:

        Well 1h Unreal Tournament in one month with friends is no harm, but whole weekend of Rome: Total War isn’t going to make anything good.

        • Edmond Dantès says:

          Hi baldur.

          Computer games can really become a hardcore addiction. Browse the forum archives (I guess it will be most likely in the offtopic section) for a thread, in which some of us discuss the topic. The information given there can be helpful for you.

    • Andrew says:

      I go through phases, say 8 months no gaming then 1 month of nothing but games. I think phases are a normal, maybe not healthy, but not necessarily unhealthy, part of life. So I don’t worry too much about it and let it run its course. And over time you may start to realize that you’re better of without them, and the temptation disappears completely. my $0.02

      • Mark Manson says:

        Yeah, I don’t try to fight it too much when the phase comes back. My problem is that there’s no such thing as casual gaming… I’m either going at it 5-10 hours a day or not at all.

  16. Jake says:

    Hey Mark,

    Great that you’re coming to Berlin! Really looking forward to it. If you want to party at Kater Holzig I can connect you there.

    Your entrepreneur talk is for a specific group only. The group is invite only and their site is blocked at the front for logins :/…very interested in this topic and probably in joining the group….any chance of contact details or other suggestions? Thanks.

  17. Philipp says:

    Hey guys,
    I created two facebook-events for the speeches in Vienna. Please join them if you want to attend the Vienna Talks. All the upcoming information will be posted there.

  18. Prem Darshan says:

    Greetings, I previously emailed you requesting Time & Location details for the March 27th Los Angeles Talk and have not heard back. Kindly email the details at your earliest convenience or post them here.

  19. Clarissa says:

    I want your life! =)

  20. Travis Fry says:

    Will you ever go on a speaking tour in Taiwan? I would love to hear you. Taiwan is worth the visit regardless with the nicest people and the most beautiful girls ever!

  21. Herr Leer says:

    Hey Mark, wtf. you forgot Munich..
    Its the most important city in Germany with most readers of your books and there is also the most awesome lair all over the world. Can’t belief that you forgot us, not everybody of us has copied your books…

  22. Fabien says:

    What need to be done in order to assist to the NYC speak on Sunday April 7 ? I am assuming I will just have to walk-in to the room at the adress above, and pay the potential cover, no reservation?

  23. Marbles says:

    Hey Mark, been following your blog for a while and love what you write. I’m going to your talk tomorrow in NYC (4/7). Could you briefly explain what the talk will be about? It’s on a “New Masculinity” but what does that entail? Will you still talk about approaching women and developing confidence?

    • Mark Manson says:

      I talked about women and approaching on the 4th. This talk will be on masculinity issues and some of the emotional problems a lot of men suffer because of them.

  24. Mladen says:

    Hey Mark,

    I sent you two emails about your talk in Wienna, but haven’t heard back from you..

    I would like to know some info so I can show up 🙂


  25. Philipp says:

    Hey Mladen,

    the talks in Vienna will start at 7:30 pm. The location is a seminar room at 1180 Wien, Schulgasse 18. (it should be fix now)

    If you want to stay updated, join the faceboook groups:


  26. JJ says:

    Anybody coming to the Zurich event tonight? I am at the hotel, but they claim they don’t know anything about the event. Does anybody know more?

  27. Philipp says:

    We have a new location for the Vienna event on thursday:

    Schottenfeldgasse 85, 1070 Vienna (first floor to the left). Loffice Co-Workingspace
    Starting time: 7:30 pm
    Fee: 10 Euro

    How to get there?
    Public transportation: 48 A (station Zieglergasse / Neustiftgasse), 46 (station Schottenfeldgasse), 5 (Station Kaiserstraße / Neustiftgasse), U3 (station Zieglergasse), U6 (Thaliastraße)

    • Burggasse 85
    • Kaiserstraße 7
    • Schrankgasse 7-9

    I am looking forward to seeing you there

  28. Philipp says:

    tuesday -not thursday. Sorry. 😉

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