I am available to speak at conferences, events and universities on request. Below are some of the presentations I can give. If interested, please contact me with your event, dates and budget.

Speaking Topics

A New Masculinity
A presentation on the problems this generation of men faces and what they need to do to overcome them.

  • The current state of masculinity and the conflicting social pressures on this generation.
  • Why men “check out” emotionally and why emotional maturity is more important now than ever.
  • How to build self-esteem and end the cycle of bigger, better, faster, more.
  • How to approach sex and relationships with strength and respect, rather than timidity or bravado.
  • Cultivating more self-awareness and self-acceptance.
  • Nice Guy Syndrome, Alpha Male Syndrome, what they are, and how to avoid these over-compensating, insecure behaviors.

Attraction Through Honesty
A new approach to dating and relationships built upon a philosophy of honest communication and mutual respect of one’s emotional needs (gender neutral version possible as well).

  • Why men are assholes and women go crazy and how to stop the cycle.
  • Neediness and how it infiltrates all dysfunctional relationships.
  • Why honesty is sexy and always a winning strategy in the long-term.
  • Sexual shame and how it permeates our culture; how to get rid of it.
  • Living the relationship you want instead of chasing it.

Online Entrepreneurship and Its Risks
An open talk about starting online businesses and the challenges and expectations one must contend with to get off the ground. This talk is geared towards people who want to get into online businesses but have little or no experience.

  • This generation’s wild west and how to capitalize on it.
  • Ideas versus action: Where to start.
  • The true opportunity of the internet: scaling.
  • The only rule is testing, everything else is a recommendation.
  • Outsourcing and its pitfalls.
  • The psychology of the newly self-employed, a.k.a., the art of hustle.