For years, at almost every talk I’ve given, I’ve told guys that being smart can be a disadvantage to improving their chances with women. Typically, the kind of men this industry and community attracts are the intelligent, brainy type. So this usually raises a few eyebrows when I say it. But it’s true. Being smart can hurt your chances at picking up girls and improving with women.

Here are six reasons why:

  1. Increased ability to rationalize and make excuses – Highly intelligent guys are some of the most difficult to coach. Why? Because for everything that they don’t want to do (or more accurately, they’re afraid of doing), they’re able to rationalize 101 reasons why they shouldn’t have to do it. Tell him to approach that hottie? A smart guy will come up with 55 reasons why he doesn’t feel like approaching a girl in that particular moment… some will be impressive, and many of them will actually sound valid at first… until you remember that he’s bitching out and making up elaborate excuses to avoid rejection.The biggest problem here is that really intelligent guys often buy their own bullshit. They’re so smart and so confident in their rationalizations, that they’re apt to believe themselves. A guy of average intelligence, if you tell him, “No, you’re wrong,” he’s more likely to believe you. But an insanely smart guy… he’s used to being right all his life, so he’s less likely to take advice at face value.
  2. Habit of over-analyzing everything – I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: pick up is not complicated; it’s easy to learn, it’s just hard to actually go out and do. It’s not rocket science. There are not 150 concepts or theories to memorize. It really comes down to little more than taking appropriate action and being able to read people’s behaviors well enough to adapt your own to those around you. A 10-year-old could be taught the necessary information required to pick up a girl.

    But smart guys have ridden their analytical abilities to success their entire lives. Therefore their first inclination is to start analyzing anything and everything about their social interactions in hopes of achieving similar success. Sure, some analysis helps in the beginning, but most highly intelligent guys can take it to an extreme that is counter-productive.

    The truth is that human behavior is far too complex to ever be completely comprehended. And picking up a woman involves an infinite number of subtle factors that we have no control over — it can’t be analyzed to a concrete conclusion. There are a handful of guiding principles one must understand and then from there it’s a matter of action and adjustment. Stopping to analyze everything incessantly will only slow you down.

  3. Inability to relate to average/stupid girl– Let’s face it, a lot of dumb girls end up being pretty. Why? Because they recognize their looks as their only asset. So when an incredibly intelligent guy meets and interacts with a dumb pretty girl, he’s going to run into a lot of trouble relating to her. The highlights of her week include the color of her nails, the new season of Jersey Shore and that bitch at the tanning salon. These things are not intellectually stimulating. In fact, they’re the opposite, they’re usually painful to listen to.Conversely, the highly intelligent guy is going to be interested in complex and brainy subjects that a girl’s going to have a lot of trouble following.

    One huge myth of pop culture is that if you’re a smart guy, sleeping with stupid girls is easy. It’s the complete opposite. Smart women are far easier to sleep with if you’re a smart guy. Why? Because you can actually talk to them, relate to them, impress them with your intellect and knowledge, and they’re probably going to be more socially liberated and less influenced by their friends.

    Dumb girls are typically infatuated more by looks and drama. If you’re a smart guy, you probably don’t have big muscles and you probably aren’t very dramatic. Therefore you’re going to have a lot of trouble with the dumb club girls.

  4. Smart guys tend to have unattractive interests– I consider myself a pretty brainy guy. Some of my favorite things on the planet to talk about include retro video games, international history and politics, new research happening in social psychology, what motivates people, how art and music evolve, music theory of jazz and classical greats, biographies of famous people, and foreign languages and cultures. I don’t watch TV. Half of my favorite movies were made before 1970. Unless a girl is getting a Ph.D in something, she’s not likely to find much of what I love interesting.Classic interests of high IQ guys that tend to put girls to sleep: physics and theories about the universe, philosophical discussions, finance and investment opportunities, the economy, computer programming and software development, the future of technology, starting businesses and market opportunities, etc. I’m getting sleepy just typing this…
  5. High brow humor– I’m not going to dwell on this one as I may get depressed. But if I had a nickel for every time me, one of my friends or a student of mine has unleashed a brilliant pun, ironic statement, double-entendre, word-play or innuendo that either confused a girl or went right over her head without her noticing, I’d be a rich man by now and I wouldn’t be typing this.The level of humor of the average person rarely goes beyond some clever misdirection or in the case of dumb people, screaming and yelling something offensive. Which, don’t get me wrong, smart guys can do that too… it’s just not as interesting to them.
  6. Smart guys tend to have higher standards for personality/intellect– Another fact that makes life a bit harder for super smart guys: they’re not going to be as easily pleased. They’re going to need an extremely smart girl to hold their interest for more than a couple weeks. They’re going to get bored and discouraged more easily by dull bar conversation.The amount of suitable women out there for a long-term relationship are going to be fewer for a smart guy than an average guy. Therefore, he’s going to have to look harder, and suffer a few more boring and awkward interactions than the next guy. And as a result, he’ll run a larger risk of becoming discouraged or upset at his results.

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56 Responses to Six Disadvantages of Being Smart

  1. Tim says:

    Like it. All 6 have happened to me at least a few times, and most of them do regularly. It can be a bit frustrating, and at times it creates a real moral dilemma (should I really be putting so much effort into picking up these dumb girls just because they’re hot, when I could be spending it on something much more productive and potentially fulfilling?. )At the end of the day though (and I hope I’m not being too arrogant or presumptuous here), I’d rather have to deal with all this crap than be any less intelligent.

    • Mark says:

      lol, amen to that… although I have met a handful of super smart guys who simply can’t get past their intellectual bullshit to conquer their emotional problems. In those cases, it’s a sad thing to see…

  2. David says:

    Fun and true article Mark. I’d put myself in a few comments you made. I get along really well with smart successful women in Prague but as you can guess, sometimes I don’t get on so well when I go to a club and meet a ‘typical’ party girl. All my previous girlfriends were smart and really interesting but..I’m not so good at just waltzing up to a bar and meeting a girl who doesn’t have a lot going for her, even if she’s really pretty. In a way, it should be a good thing..

  3. AC says:

    I’d even take it one step further: being intelligent is rarely an advantage. In most of my bar and club experiences, girls never really notice if I’m smart or not, even if the girl herself turns out to be smart. I enter venues under the assumption that Jersey Shore types are on the same level as me, if not higher. It’s a harder mindset to have- it’s infinitely easier to simply assume you’re the shit. Works for me though.

  4. JohnnyK says:

    Very true. Gaming really helped me out of over-thinking. There’s definitely a difference between using your head and being inside of it.

  5. Kevin says:

    Another one I’d add is a sense of arrogance. Not every smart guy has it, and some are even insecure, but I’ve known a lot of intelligent men who feel that they’re just better than other people because they’re smart. All their lives they’ve been told intelligence is the most important trait there is, and since they have it they’re superior.

    This can also interact with the other points in the sense that a smart guy can look down on all the ‘dumb’ ‘shallow’ things most people are into, and lose their ability to just chill out and relate to people. Like rather than see Jersey Shore as a light, guilty pleasure, they see it as something only brainwashed, mouth breathing retards like, and they get all bent out of shape that it’s the harbinger of the end of culture or something.


    Maybe another one some guys fall into is a sort of melodramatic sense of, “Oh, woe is me, I’m cursed to always be alone because I’m just ever so intelligent and no one is on the same wavelength as me”

    I think this point can make guys not get out there and try. They just conclude there’s no one out there for them, or socializing isn’t worth it. Never mind that lots of highly intelligent guys are socially adjusted and do fine with women, as well as being brainy.

  6. kkrv says:

    I think this list may be confusing “intelligent” for “introverted and intelligent”. Bright introverts find their own company and interests stimulating, and then they have problems finding most other people stimulating enough. I think that’s really the underlying theme of all these points. Smart extroverts analyze social situations just as much, but don’t do it to paralysis, or use it to generate excuses for inaction.

    • Mark says:

      Don’t know if I’d agree with this. Introverted/extroverted isn’t always related to social anxiety… it has more to do with the relationship between thought and expression. There are plenty of extroverts with anxiety and bad attitudes towards people, and introverts who are socially confident and have good attitudes. There may be a correlation, but I doubt a causation.

      • Kevin says:

        If this comment thread is anything like a dozen other ones I’ve seen over the years, there’s a good chance an unproductive debate is now going to start about what the terms ‘introvert’ and ‘extrovert’ supposedly *really* mean.

      • Smarty Pants says:

        Hmmm… thank you for pointing that out. I think this is a very common misconception that people tend to use a measurement of judging intelligent folk. I really like that you pointed out not to confuse causation with correlation. You don’t see that in a lot in the comment section of internet articles. It’s mostly baseless arguments that turn out to be a fighting match between readers that usually ends with some type of reference to ones mother or religion or the socioeconomic status of the US. You should create a dating/social website for intelligent people.

  7. asd says:

    And this post helps smart people in which way? Even though you might be right (…and certainly have some nice anecdotes to tell), I doubt that this post encourages smart people to go out in the field. Stop creating a victim mentality.

    • Mark says:

      And this comment helps readers in which way? Even though you might be right (…and certainly have some valid points to say), I doubt that this comment encourages readers to go out in the field. Stop creating a victim mentality.


    • Breeeeeett says:

      This post can give you a sense of validation and maybe help you understand WHY you’re getting discouraged…which will then allow you to alter your course of action more appropriately.

  8. Peter Phoenix says:

    Haha I’ve done these. I also like the point about the few driving principles but hundreds of little rules and nuances.

    What I try to do to combat my intelligence is talk less and speak in shorter sentences. And make more bold moves.

  9. Luis says:

    Ahah funny, it’s like that movie “Idiocracy”, check it out! 🙂

  10. Workshy Joe says:


  11. Dr Feelgood says:

    Hey, my new hobby is commenting on your blog…

    I have read more original concepts on your blog before, but nevertheless it’s absolutely true. The issue I have always had with this is, what does “smart” actually mean? Is somebody who is really good at high level mathematics but can’t actually start a conversation with somebody he meets at the buffet of a dinner party (because he has no idea what to say) smart? Answer: I don’t know yet, what about his other types of intelligence?

    There are many different forms of intelligence, IQ tests just concentrate on a few, and that’s why they are not a good measurement. I can hardly hammer a nail into a wall and I wouldn’t have found this blog if I had been born with the slightest trace of social skills, but I don’t consider myself stupid.

    BTW, I like “brainy” much better than “smart” – “brainy” somehow reminds me of the Brain character from The Pinky and the Brain, a guy who seems in danger of breaking down under the overwhelming weight of his brain at any second like Jesus under the cross – in short, just like many guys in the PUA community!

  12. Guitario says:

    If we are talking about how intelligence can affect how we perceive others, especially in how we relate to girls. I would like to offer my own personal ‘aha’ moment I had not too long ago.

    I increasingly found my anxiety levels going up and up the more I went out. Not approach anxiety, just a general feeling of discomfort when talking to girls in the clubs/bars I went to. I realised I had nothing in common with the generic party girl and this is why I found it hard to converse with them. The upside of this was that when I started going to bars with an older crowd (I suppose more mature), conversation became easier and more natural.

    The point I’m making here is that I strongly agree that the closer two people are intellectually, the greater chance they will build rapport and hit it off.

    • Mark says:

      This is a point that’s not understood nearly enough. I’ve seen guys go out and chase girls they weren’t actually interested in for months or years just because that’s what they thought they were supposed to do.

      I’m living in Austin, Texas right now. And Austin has two areas of downtown with good nightlife. East 6th St and Warehouse District. East 6th has all of the crazy party girls, college girls, cheap drinks, wild bars. Warehouse has a slightly older, more professional, more expensive places. I fucking hate East 6th and get dragged there often by my friends. Warehouse on the other hand, when I do go there, I almost always do well with the women there. Every girl I’ve ever pulled in Austin has been from Warehouse. As a young educated guy who’s traveled a lot and lived in the northeast, the 24-26 year old law students and crap I meet over there get super interested when they talk to me. Whereas on East 6th, I guess my biceps aren’t big enough, or I don’t buy enough shots for people, because it’s often hard for me to hold a girl’s interest there for more than a couple minutes.

      • Guitario says:

        This is where the clichéd ’80-20′ rule applies. 80% of your success will come from 20% of venues you go to. Or in even simpler terms.. Stick to your type of girl in your type of venue.

      • Bertrand says:

        Only times I’ve had any success with girls under 25 has been when I had massive preapproval from other girls. No preapproval = no go.

      • Axel says:

        Hmm interesting. Did you find that more professional club by chance or did you actively search for it? Sounds more like my type of thing for sure. How do you go about finding them?

      • Jacobi says:

        I’m 22 and definitely prefer East 6th! Those hipster girls drive me nuts!!!

  13. Bertrand says:

    I’ve found weed to be an excellent way of dumbing down for those hotties.

  14. collegeslacker says:

    Not to toot my own horn about being smart, but this is so true. Overanalysis and rationalization were my biggest enemies early on, and they still crop up every now and then. I’ve found the best way to avoid these pitfalls is to adopt a thoroughly “don’t give a f*ck” attitude.

    Also, in the overanalysis department, intelligent people seem to more likely have an outside of body oriented perspective, which tends, at least for me and some dudes I know, to manifest in bad ways when getting ready to approach by over-considering the environment, the angles, the right thing to say, etc…

  15. Bill says:

    “There are a handful of guiding principles one must understand and then from there it’s a matter of action and adjustment”. What are these principles? Or has there been a post about them already?
    I have read so much PUA stuff, honestly I can’t tell the principles from the bullshit anymore!
    But back to the main points of this post… As there are different types of “smart”, I assume your type of smart is a mixture of being “cultured”, as well as being “school smart”. Anyway, the thing with smart girls is they tend to be more sophisticated. (which I like!) Usually, even if they are hot, they don’t look tacky and plasticky. There hobbies are more varied than clubbing 4 nights a week.
    On a final note, you attract whatever you put out there. (karma?)So if a smart guy is after a smart girl, then don’t change too much just put yourself in the vicinity of as many smart girls as possible, and see what happens.

  16. Serginho says:

    There is one other factor you forgot.

    Women simply aren’t attracted to intelligent men. They are much more attracted to dimwitted buffoons. How many times have you seen groups of attractive young women get all dolled up to go hang out at the library?

    In addition to his other barriers, an intelligent guy must learn to dumb it down in order to have any realistic chance.

    • Mark says:

      I think you’re confused about this. Women are attracted to intelligence… intelligence just doesn’t make them horny or sexual. In fact, it often has the opposite effect.

      But when it comes to finding a boyfriend or husband, women are VERY attracted to intelligence. It comes back to the lover/provider dichotomy. Do girls put on short skirts to go to the library? No. But do girls look for a boyfriend in the library? Yes.

      • Ana says:

        I love this Article, but I have to disagree on the idea that women don’t find intelligence sexy. See, I love intelligent men. If a man has the ability to use “brilliant pun[s], ironic statement[s], double-entendre[s], word-play or innuendo[s]” like you stated, he has the ability to speak the language of – for a lack of a more appropriate word – my vagina. It’s really hot. I really love word play, especially the dirty kind when it’s appropriate. When it’s not or when I’m not sure if I’m interested, but I don’t want to discourage these normally timid wordsmiths, I usually pretend I don’t get it. It helps when I innocently on-purpose set them up for some great ones later down the line. The guys that get that my innocence is usually feigned but continue to play the game drive me wild with animalistic desire. It takes a lot of self control to not rip their clothes off. I can’t explain it, but it’s purely sexual, and not even predominately based on physical attraction.

        The problem is that I’m rarely approached by these types, and often when I am… let’s just say some are surprised that my IQ is beyond the socially erected stereotypes of my hair color (blonde), and well beyond my bust size (I’ll leave that to your imagination). What is it they say about books and covers? Anyway, many tend to start off on the wrong foot, and by the time they realize the damage is usually done. The bottom line: I know many smart, attractive women who love intelligence, you just need to have a little swagger and play your cards right. You often shell out good advice. I’m a fan.

        Also, you should post this article on Facebook. I would love for some of my guy friends to read this, but I wouldn’t want to embarrass them. I figure, if it shows up in their feed I can ask “Hey, did you see the new (older-2011) PostMasculine article by Marc?” at school on Monday.

        PS. A library is the best place to wear a short skirt.

  17. Zardoz says:

    Absolutely true. What a great article!

    I’m a coach. I do live training every weekend and the smart guys tend to be difficult to coach.

    But unfortunately for the genetically challenged, a smart, creative man will destroy a simpleton if they strive for mastery.

    The dumb guys just tend to say dumb shit.

  18. Fikri says:

    I am not smart but why do I have all these disadvantages??
    It seems like life can be a little unfair sometimes 🙂

  19. Markus says:

    All of the 6 points are very true and I experienced all of them by myself.
    But what is the message of the article? Should we now lower our standards or change our interests/hobbies, just to be more attractive to not intelligent girls?

    I think, that you gave a good tip in your answer to Guitario´s comment, that as an intelligent man you should sarge in places where you find intelligent women, cus they will have more likely similar interests and for that connect to you naturally. Why wasting time with women you dont enjoy talking to, specially if it is harder for you to connect with them.

    Intelligence is imo double sided. you can use it as an advantage or as an disadvantage in every aspect in your life, also in PU. Sure you can get lost in your analyzations, which will hold you back from your actions. But you have also the power to reflect and analyze your thoughts from many views and to be honest to yourself, if you feel that your mind is only making excuses not to do something. So there is no need to see intelligence as a “problem”, just use it for your advantage and don´t let you fool by it.

    • Mark says:

      The point of the article is that a lot of guys come to me with an attitude of, “Well, I’m so smart, I can figure out anything…” when really their brain can do as much harm as good. The purpose is to educate. I’m not saying people should act dumber or hit on dumber girls or whatever. I’m just saying, just because you’re smart, doesn’t mean it’s an advantage.

  20. Jen says:

    Maybe smart guys can date smart girls? I am a young doctor and I wouldn’t date a guy significantly less intelligent than me. I love witty humour and interesting conversation topics.

    The problem is, the same can also be said of smart, attractive women. It can be intimidating for men because of an insecurity to be challenged for a laziness to be able to do whatever they want with a more stupid/biddable woman.

    Anyway, I say there are not enough intelligent men out there who would choose a hot smart girl over a hot stupid girl. I say smart guys, step up! Being smart is definitely not a disadvantage.

  21. The1 says:

    Most of the girls in my social circle are plain stupid/boring and are only interested in girly shit. But I know there are smarter girls out there. My ideal would be a smart and beautiful one, which I have yet to meet. I need to talk to more women.

    Good article btw.

  22. adrian d says:

    so what are the top intellectual lines someone gave you to not approach a stunning girl. lines you didn’t know how to argument back to.

  23. AJ says:

    Oh gawd my stomach just kinda dropped and I can’t help but feel depressed a bit after reading this. I do know she’s out there, and hell, I go to a decent university that tends to weed out the truly dumb broads but still…

  24. AJ says:

    It’s all about those smart witty chicas who know how to (consciously) be a “dumb chick” in a funny way! Where ‘dey at?!?!

  25. Brian says:

    Actually, that’s a pretty solid advice from Jen.

  26. Tom says:

    My friend’s got a high powered job in finance. When girls ask him what he does he tells them he runs his own business refilling disposable lighters.

    If they believe him he knows they’re as thick as pig shit and doesn’t take them seriously. (Still pokes them tho).

    Sometimes they ask him questions and he goes into elaborate detail about the intricacies of his work, all the time laughing inside.

  27. ray says:

    I see what your talking about and some see bullying as part of intelligence physicality socially ritualistically and people will push and pull one to what they want is your brink, and or something else, and as if ones schooling can measure how smart one is.
    I like jen she seams like a brain digging philosopher play girl, me like jen.

  28. Slappy McGee says:

    One of the many great things about online dating. You write a witty profile and you will attract intelligent women. That usually equals great rapport>great conversation>great dates>great sex>great fun. If you go out with a hot dummy with the intention of delivering a baby batter butt blast but(t) end up with nothing, you might very well feel like it was a horrible waste of time. As if you suffered through lame conversation for nothing. The opposite is true with a smart chick. If you end up sex-free at the end of the evening, for whatever reason, you can still have a good time. Also, smart does not necessarily mean edjumacated. I dated a VERY smart chica who was an absolute scream – she insisted we meet based on my profile. Its impossible for us to spend time together and not have fun. We will love each other till the day we die even though we’re not seeing each other and we can go a year without talking and the INSTANT we start talking on the phone that chemistry is there. She didnt go to college so she feels inferior in that respect but she is street wise and far more witty than most people I know. I’ve always said that it is impossible to be funny and not be smart. The only downer to the lack of secondary education is that she lacks sophistication and intellectual curiosity. I dont care if someone has never stepped foot in a school. If they are curious and interested in learning, good to go.
    sidenote: I realized you can love someone and have tremendous mutual attraction but not want to be in a relationship with that person.

  29. Jones says:

    I really like this. On one hand, it feels like an apology. But it bucks me up a little, because it forces me to acknowledge that what seems nearly hopeless is actually not that bad considering the circumstances. Therefore, more reason to hope that putting in the work will actually help things.

    But: “unattractive interests.” Unattractive to whom? I guess you sort of pre-empted my point with no. 6… But there’s nothing inherently boring about those things; to the contrary. Actually, I have felt the pressure to relate to less intelligent people – it feels wrong as hell to blame myself for being smarter, but I see the reason for it. But sometimes I feel less confident when I feel like I’m not truly putting myself out there, not getting into the things I’m truly interested in and passionate about. Sometimes it feels better to just go with that and assert my right to be a nerd about some things.

  30. Smarty Pants says:

    So I am actually really smart. (Please don’t judge by any succeeding grammatical/spelling errors). I find everything you like to discuss fascinating, except for the history of jazz. It’s not that it’s not interesting but I am not familiar with jazz much. I do listen to salsa which is close.

    I wish you would have wrote this article to appeal to both sexes. I am an extremely intelligent women and even when I dummy down I find it very hard to relate to people who are not of the same intelligence. I can fake it pretty well but I still feel unfulfilled when faking. I think intelligence is a responsibility that few people have. I am not a college graduate so I believe that is part of my problem but I also experience a really hard time with men. I have been compared to Sheldon when I am around friends but I try to keep my mouth closed when I am dating someone. Men feel so inferior to an intelligent woman and it makes finding a partner really hard. I have dated a lot of men who are not as smart as me and they feel like I am attacking them, even when I don’t say much. When speaking I probably use what is commonly known as “big words” and that is actually really hard to hide because I have been doing that since I was a toddler. Even my brothers who are very intelligent (one was valedictorian) find it hard to keep up with me in a conversation.

    As a smart woman it is very hard to lead a fulfilling life. From a sociological stand point, the best course for me would be to finish college so that I may be more akin to my peers. My EQ is probably not as high as my IQ so I haven’t made the best decisions and I am living in a socioeconomic status that reminds me daily of how much I do not belong.

    I also have a very good memory and I am very good at reading people based on their non-verbal cues. Understanding non-verbal communication was a hobby of mine in high school. So now not only am I smart but I also can read people more than people realize. I get a lot of “How did you know that about me?”. Instead of saying your facial expression, hand gestures, body movement , eye movement etc. gave you away, I tell people I am psychic. Some how people are more comfortable with that. :-/.

    Anyway, (<=hate that word) I hope all of you males who read this article know that there are intelligent women out there who need your understanding and support because what they face is usually twice as difficult than your average, not-so average, intelligent male.

    • Ikpechika764 says:

      @ Smarty Pants, I find your circumstance very challenging and also quite motivational too, because I just happen to find myself in similar situations, which have rendered me just too alienated from most societal peers of my age grade! It can be very discouraging and frustrating to experience such adversities and resentments, in the midst of your peers just because you happen to be extraordinarily smart and intelligent for them to comprehend and correspond with! Intelligence is an amazing gift, and it also has its grievous sections too!!! Personally, I have experienced so much alienation and isolation, from my so-called Facebook friends, just because I always tend to dwell on metaphysical and philosophical dialogues, which most youngsters feel too boring and abstracted for them to delve in, and these resentments are even encountered in a greater degree, when it comes to my association with women, they just tend to be so aloof and standoffish and indifferent, when I make my posts which they feel are too extreme and outlandish to comprehend and relate with! Well, I pray that God grants us those, who really would correspond with us, just as we intellectually are, without restrictions and resentments!!! Check me out on Facebook and we might get aligned together! Name: Iroanwusi Ikpechika! Cheers!!!

  31. Smarty Pants says:

    There is actually a really good article out there that discusses the battle of the subconscious and conscious in decision making. Irregardless of how smart one may be (again I emphasize the responsibility in being intelligent) the brain has a mind of it’s own. Ha ha. The chemicals in our brain and the way our brain processes information can not be controlled per se (I do believe in deep meditation that gives access to control more of our body than usual). Google the article it’s really fascinating.

  32. jolene says:

    I think smart guys turn me on. Love to listen to a guy who travels around the world with wide exposures, intelligent and deep thoughts provoking talk about politics, investment, research, motivation speeches on moving forward, big picture, strategy plannings, philosophical topics, at the same time he’s not boring as he has the artistic side of him, loving antiques, photography, philanthropy works, just inspiring to me.

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