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Why Women Don't Feel That Sexual Spark Around You - And What You Can Do To Create It.

You’ve Heard That “Nice Guys Finish Last.” Well, I’m Here To Tell You They’re Just Not Doing It Right.

Women don’t just have sex with anyone. It's just usually with someone else. Chances are you’ve watched the woman you were crazy about go for some other guy – usually an asshole – leaving you alone to right hand slam it all Friday night to internet porn… again.

Well, I propose a toast:

Here’s to any man who’s ever chickened out of kissing a woman; who has been hung out to dry in the infamous “friend zone;” who doesn’t know the first thing about how to tell a woman that he’s attracted to her; who is always waiting for the “right moment;” who keeps telling himself “on the next date;” who can’t perform when he has to or doesn’t even know if he can perform because he hasn’t seen the inside of a girl’s vagi—err, bed sheets in so long.

If you’re one of these men, listen up. I've got news for you.

Maybe you’re a virgin. Maybe your girlfriend or wife cheated on you and left you. Maybe you’re a two-pump chump or maybe you’re just tired of listening to hot women complain to you about all of the OTHER MEN they sleep with, while telling you what a great friend you are.

It sucks. I know, I’ve been there. And look…

It’s time to take charge and start having better sex, having it sooner and having it more often. I can show you how. Take a second and ask yourself:

What if you never passed up on another sexual opportunity again?

It’s possible. And you don’t have to change who you are. You don’t have to become a raging asshole. And it doesn’t matter how old or inexperienced you are. All it takes is a brain and a little will power. You have that, don't you?

See, there are a few fundamental psychological principles proven to create arousal and desire, and to help you overcome fear and shame. And with the right woman and the right know-how, you can get over your sexual problems once and for all.

The first step is to get you over your nervousness and shame around sex. Unfortunately, growing up in western cultures, most of us have a lot of sexual shame programmed into us since an early age.

It’s why you’re afraid to hit on her. It’s why you get nervous before you kiss her. It’s why you feel like a dick when you try to take her clothes off.

You shouldn’t. She’s a capable, consenting adult. She will tell you what’s OK and what’s not. I say: ask for forgiveness, not permission.

The second step is to train you to assert yourself more around others, particularly women. I can show you how to do this. Men who lack sexual confidence tend to be “Nice Guys” who never speak up about how they’re feeling or what they want.

Not only does this not get them anywhere, but psychological research actually shows it’s a major turn off for women.

Finally, we get you to become comfortable being physical. As an intellectual, rational, educated man, chances are you’ve been conditioned to move through the world using your brain, not your body, and definitely not your penis.

The difference between being friends with a woman and being the boyfriend with a woman is how you touch her, not how you talk to her.

Look, I’ve worked with hundreds of men with sexual confidence issues over the past six years. And I’ve recovered from them myself. Women used to ask me to just be friends, now they ask me to be friends with benefits. I've seen the promised land and it does exist. Now let me show you the way.

These are simple behavioral changes I'm talking about, that require little more than a shift in mindset and a little real world action. The shifts are tiny, but the difference in results are HUGE.

That’s why I’ve put together The Sexual Confidence Course. It’s an interactive, step-by-step coaching program that takes men like you, from being frustrated and under-sexed, to being able to fearlessly move any interaction sexual at will. The results are life-changing.

Here's How It Works:

1. Remove Your Sexual Inhibitions And Create More Opportunities With Women. The first third of the Sexual Confidence Course focuses on making you aware of your sexual shame and helping you uproot it. Most men who don’t take advantage of the sexual opportunities they’re given, pass them up because they’re nervous, anxious or feel guilty about them. This guilt and shame prevents them from taking action and therefore causes them to get physical and intimate with very few women.

I'll show you how to uncover your sexual shame and deprogram it through some deliberate, conscious behaviors. The exercises are simple, enlightening and sometimes even fun.

2. The Proven Psychological Process that Puts Into Action the New Behaviors That Attract Women. The problem with anxiety is that it prevents action. But to overcome anxiety you have to TAKE ACTION. It's a Catch-22. And because of that, a lot of men end up stuck in the same place for years on end, without making any significant progress.

When you dive into psychological research, you find that the most effective way to overcome behaviors and situations that cause anxiety is through progressive desensitization. For instance, instead of exposing you to ALL of what makes you anxious, you conquer it piece by piece. The Sexual Confidence Course is built specifically to take advantage of the psychological benefits of progressive desensitization, giving you interactive lessons in a pre-set order to help you overcome any fears or inhibitions you have.

3. What Most Men Don’t Understand About Female Sexual Desire. What passes for “conventional wisdom” today in regards to female sexuality is not only flat out WRONG, but hurts the chances of a lot of men who buy into it. The Sexual Confidence Course gives you a crash course in female sexuality, including what turns women on, what their perceptions of certain aggressive behaviors actually are, and what you can do to get her turned on immediately.

4. Built-In Accountability and Feedback. As with all of PostMasculine’s programs, accountability and feedback are built into the program. Once you complete each lesson, you’re expected to submit a write-up of your experiences and what you’ve learned. This write up will be available for me and everyone else to see, comment on, and offer feedback on.

On top of that, the written exercises are focused to help you process your experiences and thoughts in a healthy and supportive manner. Many men who confront their anxieties with women don’t get far because they’re not able to process their experiences objectively. The Sexual Confidence Course helps you do that, so you can make an honest assessment of yourself and improve.

5. Automated. Online. Discreet. Guaranteed. The Sexual Confidence Course is 100% online and can be accessed any time you want. It's automated and discreet. It comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. And when you finish the program, you get to keep access to it for free.

The Lessons:
1. Introduction
2. Nice Guy Syndrome
3. Sexual Shame
4. No More Porn
5. Female Sexuality
6. Sexual Gaze
7. No Apologies
8. Having an Opinion
9. Teasing
10. Pushing Your Boundaries
11. Sexual Compliments
12. Leading
13. Touching
14. Sexual Movements
15. Kissing
16. Bringing Her Home
17. Foreplay
18. Sex

“So I just went for it. It was a successful kiss. She was actually a good kisser too.

Was nice. :) And it’s a great relief knowing that there doesn’t have to be a perfect moment, you make one yourself.”

- Neville

“I had a lot of difficulty being sexual and touching women before and I was able to talk about these issues with Mark and he gave me advice that worked immediately. I made a ton of progress in my time with him and wish I had approached him for help much sooner.”

- Russell, Boston

“The main thing that helped me the most was going out with specific measurable goals. Normally I would go out and just wing it, but it never worked as well. There really is something to this stuff.”

- Michael N.

“This program has opened my mind up to things I never knew were possible. I can't thank you enough.”

- Matt P.

Check Out Lesson 1 For Free:

More testimonials

"I’ve taken about four days to work on this and it’s been amazing.

First of all, holding the sexual gaze teaches you so much. It basically shows you that girls are interested in you and are curious about you. Basically, since I’ve been doing this exercise, I’ve felt a lot more confident and handsome."

- Alexander, in lesson 6

"On a date with the girl who came over from Slovakia to meet me here. We grabbed drinks together and made out. Then I invited her back to my place. When we got back to my place as we walked through the door, she said to me “are you going to seduce me?” I smiled sat her on the sofa and we began making out."

- Curran, in lesson 16

"As I’ve mentioned it some times before, I had two times sex in the last week with the same woman. It was actually fucking great. Apart from the fact that we had a great connection with each other, I was honest all the time. The first time we had sex was at my place respectively at the place of my friends (visiting some friends in Berlin), the second time (and that was really, really awesome) she reserved a hotel room, where we had sex. All in all it was fucking awesome.

She made me the nicest compliment I’ve probably heard. While we had sex she told me how good I am in bed. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to brag but till I started with this program (lesson 5) I thought subconciously that sex is something that a man gets from a woman and you have to work for it and show her that you deserve it.

The first day of my life I really believe that a woman can be as happy to fuck with me as I am to fuck with her. One of the greatest moments in life (I know, sounds ridiculous but it’s the truth)."

- Santi, in lesson 18

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