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How To Have Conversations That Are Unforgettable - Engage And Connect With Anyone You Meet.

Learn To Create Dynamic and Insightful Conversations With Everyone You Speak To.

No more awkward silences or worrying about what to say next. No more superficial chats about the weather or where you work. It's time to make things interesting.

As I see it, there are two big problems some men have and one major problem almost EVERY man has.

Let's start with the two big problems. The first is that many men get nervous or feel awkward when having a conversation with someone they don't know well. They stutter through their sentences and worry that what they're talking about isn't cool or interesting enough. They often don't know what to say. They have a lot of awkward pauses.

The second problem a lot of men have is that they don't have anything interesting to talk about. Their conversations are superficial and remain on the surface.

Now the big problem... Most men have no idea how to connect with a woman (or a friend) emotionally and have real, significant, meaningful interactions -- the kind of interactions that people remember weeks or months (or even years) later. Even if they talk about their lives or other "deep" topics, they talk about it in such a disconnected way that the other person doesn't feel emotionally invested in them.

I honestly believe this is the biggest problem men face in their interactions -- they don't know how to speak to them in a way that creates an emotional bond and understanding.

That's why I created the Conversation and Connection Course. It's an online coaching program with 22 interactive lessons designed to train you to engage in dynamic, interesting and impactful conversations with others. The first half of the program focuses on developing strong conversational habits. The second half of the program trains you to dig deep and emotionally connect with others.

Here's How It Works:

1. Conversing Creatively, Not Logically. When people want to improve their conversation skills, the biggest mistake they make is assuming that conversation is a completely logical activity that they can study and master. On the one hand, conversations do have to have logic, or else you'll stop making sense. But the art of creating interesting and dynamic conversations where you never run out of things to say is an act of creativity. Being able to move a conversation seamlessly from the weather to how I used to play basketball in high school to the most embarrassing thing my mother made me do growing up is a creative process.

That's why the Conversation and Connection Course is built on developing your conversational creative muscles. I've found through years of coaching that men who have trouble keeping the conversation going do so because they're not able to be creative in how they connect topics to one another.

2. Interactive Exercises. The Conversation and Connection Course has software built into that helps you practice the concepts of each lesson as they are presented to you. Word generators, example stories, mental and written exercises will give you the ability to improve your conversational skills without getting up from your computer.

3. Real World Applications. But, as we all know, simply sitting behind your computer is not good enough. If you want to get better at talking and connecting with people, then you need to get up and go talk to them. The Conversation and Connection Course gives you specific goals and benchmarks to achieve in your day-to-day conversations, both with women, but also with friends or colleagues.

The result is that you're presented with 22 lessons which are given in a sequential order, each lesson builds upon what was learned previously. Within each lesson, you practice a specific skill or topic interactively with the program right then or there, and then you're given an objective to go out and accomplish. For instance, "Go out and get someone to talk about a childhood experience with you." This then forces you to apply what you've learned and push your conversations to the next level.

4. Built-In Accountability and Feedback. As with all of PostMasculine's programs, accountability and feedback are built into the course. Once you complete each lesson, you're expected to submit a write-up of your experiences and what you've learned. This write up will be available for me and everyone else to see, comment on, and offer feedback on.

On top of that, the written exercises are focused to help you process your experiences and thoughts in a healthy and supportive manner. Many men who confront their anxieties with women don't get far because they're not able to process their experiences objectively. The Connection Women Program helps you do that, so you can make an honest assessment of yourself and improve.

5. Automated. Online. Discreet. Guaranteed. The Conversation and Connection Course is 100% online and can be accessed any time you want. It's automated and discreet. It comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. And when you finish the course, you get to keep access to it for free.

The Lessons:
1. Introduction
2. Emoting
3. Listening Well
4. Your Interests
5. Making Observations
6. Questions vs Statements
7. Facts vs Emotion
8. Improvising
9. Improvising on Emotion
10. Storytelling
11. Improvised Storytelling
12. Endless Storytelling
13. Engaging People
14. Relating
15. Relating Storytelling
16. Eliciting Personal Stories
17. Getting Deep
18. Meaning Behind the Meaning
19. Emotional Needs
20. Appreciation
21. Passion
22. Putting It All Together

“I made a lot of mistakes by asking a lot of questions, and being pushy in conversations. Nobody wants to make the effort to answer boring questions to someone they don't know. Instead, relating to experience, and engaging them on an emotional level makes people want to relate their own self/experience to you too. It doesn’t require logic and thinking because it’s fun, it’s light and it’s addictive. This is an important fundamental I've learned from you.”

- "Madamada," Paris

“I love these exercises. Conversations have always been where I struggled and this is helping me a lot. Thanks.”

- "Courage," Boston

“People say all the time to get good at storytelling, but this is the best breakdown of I've personally seen of it.”

- Kevin

Reviews from people who finished the Connection Course:

"Lots of great conversational skills. I already did most of it but without knowing what i was actually doing. This helped and still helps me improve in every conversation.

The best lessons for me was storytelling, making observations, relating, getting deep, meaning behind the meaning and passion.

I am now a way better conversationalist and can talk to most people i meet for a long period of time . I Still need to practise on continuing dead conversations but thats something that i know will get easier in time as i am now very social.

By being a better conversationalist i have also become alot more social and have many more friends.

This program is the best thing i have spent money on in 2012 and probably my entire life."

- Eivind

"This program has not only helped me to be a better speaker but I also have become a better person.

I feel that it is easier to convey my true feelings to people and has also made me evaluate why I have trouble talking to people and has helped me to look deeper at the issues that have plagued me for years. It has made me want to connect deeper with the people I meet and seek out genuine relationships with my friends, family, peers, and coworkers.

I want to thank mark for making this program, I think it has been of great value to me personally and I thank you. I think that there is always work to be done and I will continue to work on my conversation skills however I am happy that to have accomplished this personal growth in my life."

- Garrett

"It's awesome... at first I was doing it simply to know how to keep a conversation going without running out of things to say... But I learned more, how to connect with people. I've noticed I've been able to get into deep convos and get closer with many people, including females now quite easily. Lol I can't count how many times I've been told "I'd never tell this stuff to other people." It teaches you how to gain trust from people, make closer friendships. How to take interest in people. You're gonna learn a lot deep stuff about people you meet, which in term makes your relationships with them more three dimensional.

It teaches you that everything you need to carry a conversation is within you, your life, memories, etc. It was just a matter of awakening it and establishing the confidence to do so."


I've never seen anything like this program before. Nobody teaches this stuff. None that I have heard of.

The benefits of this program is that it made me aware of styles of conversation that is different from mine. It made me aware of the impact of how a conversation can change everything. I have been working on and off with this program.. all I can say is that I will teach this to my kids !!

- Meedo

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