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This interview was recorded a couple months ago. It features Chris Guillebeau, author of The Art of Non-Conformity and The $100 Start-Up. Chris is unique in that years ago he set a goal of visiting every country in the world. He’s currently only a few countries short. We talk about some of his experiences traveling to unconventional travel destinations, how he started his blog/writing career and more. You can learn more about him at

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Length: 30 minutes, 12 seconds

Listen to it above or you can download it directly below. Right click the link below and click “Save As” and then a location on your hard drive.

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If you’re interested in living abroad, learning languages, or taking extended trips around the world, check out my new book Escape Plan: Ditch the Rat Race, Discover the World, Live Better with Less.

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5 Responses to Podcast: Chris Guillebeau on Unconventional Living

  1. PgcDave says:

    Great podcast, some very interesting stuff. Your site actually led to my discovery of Chris, and I’ve been following along ever since. There is a lot to learn from the both of you and there were some great insights in this podcast. Visiting that many countries is crazy, but I’d love to do that one day as well.

  2. ZacChamp says:

    Chris seems like a really cool dude.

  3. ElliottCrane says:

    You both sound like incredibly peaceful, world traveling dudes. Absolutely love both of your attitudes. So true about that philosophy that the benefits far outweigh the risks. Actually applies to a lot of other stuff on your site too, such as being honest and forward with women and being entrepreneurial (reminds me of the 4-hour workweek cost/benefit analysis of starting a business, learning a new skill, etc. Carry on bros.

  4. flashawesomo says:

    Mark, whats the best way to find weights when you are out of the country? I used to travel myself when I was much younger, my parents would pay for me ha. I was to young to worry about lifting but even then I realize that it’s a much different situation than america where here there are a million different rec centers.

  5. fleeter says:

    I have read both the books that you mention by Chris and I am a big fan of much of what he has to say.

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