Models: Table of ContentsOK, I’m kind of an asshole. I told you last week that the new book was 292 pages. Turns out when I converted it into PDF, the font was too small. So after I made the font bigger and reformated, the book actually came out to 370 pages… 96,500 words in all. Am I the only one who is continuously amused by the irony that a writer who is always harping on not over-intellectualizing and not over-thinking this crap writes by far the most content out of anybody?


Anyway, the book is called “Models: A Comprehensive Guide to Attracting Women.” Yes, the book presents a new model for attraction and attractive behavior. Yes, I couldn’t resist the double-entendre with a reference to sleeping with models. I think it’s catchy, and the least cheesy of the other names I came up with.

Below is the Table of Contents. The book itself will be for sale Tuesday, July 5th at 12PM EST. Following that, over the next two weeks, I’ll be posting some excerpts of the new book.

Only ebook format will be available at first. It’ll have a few bonuses. Price will be $27. I wanted the audio version to be available next week, but I quickly found out that sitting down and reading 96,500 words takes a long fucking time. Especially when you’re stopping and re-recording over every stutter or mispronunciation. So audio, hardcover and kindle versions available near the end of the month.



Introduction: Movement

Part I: Reality

Chapter 1: What Attracts Women
The Ubiquity of Status
The Desire to Be Desired
Attempts by the Pick Up Artists

Chapter 2: Emotional Neediness
The Seduction Process
Overcompensating and the Fake Alphas

Chapter 3: Power in Vulnerability
The Pain Period
Vulnerability and Showing Desire

Chapter 4: The Gift of Truth
The Truth is Always Shining Through
Setting Boundaries
Finding Your Truth
Friction and Projection

Part II: Strategy

Chapter 5: Polarization
Three Types of Women
Goals with Each Type
Polarizing to Attract

Chapter 6: Rejection and Success
The Treasure Hunt
It’s Usually Not About You
Men Who Only Experience Rejection
Redefining Success

Chapter 7: The Three Fundamentals
Natural Advantages/Disadvantages
Two Types of Men

PART III: Honest Living

Chapter 8: Demographics
Lifestyle Choices and Demographics
Beliefs and Self-Selection
Age, Money and Looks
Race and the Foreigner Effect
Social Proof
The Most Beautiful Women
Saying Something Versus Being Something

Chapter 9: How to Be Handsome
Body Language
Vocal Tonality
How to Be Fascinating
Bringing It All Together

Part IV: Honest Action

Chapter 10: What Are Your Stories?
Defense Mechanisms
You Are Not A Victim
Stereotypes and Responsibility
Sexual Motivation

Chapter 11: How to Take Action
The Guide to Overcoming Your Anxieties
Courage and Boldness

Part V: Honest Communication

Chapter 12: Your Intentions
The Flirting Formula
Developing an Emotional Connection
Building and Breaking Habits

Chapter 13: How to Be Charming
First Impressions
Conversation Skills

Chapter 14: The Dating Process
Phone Numbers
The Perfect Date
Signals Women Give

Chapter 15: Physicality and Sex


Conclusion: Moving Ahead
Epilogue: What if it Was a Gift?
Further Reading

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  1. Ernesto says:

    Hey mark,
    listen great work on the books and your material and advice
    anyway i was hoping if you could also release ebook versions to the barnes and noble clientele. you know.. for the nooks, plus every other ebook format


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