Models, models and

A capital-M Model: the real deal.

Time to deal with a pet peeve of mine. And don’t worry, I used to do this all the time 2-3 years ago, so I’m not here to judge… just educate. Between guys, a lot is thrown around about hooking up with models. Guys post about it on boards, we see it in people’s marketing,they brag about it to their friends, etc. This sounds really good and awesome on paper (especially if you’ve never been with a really hot chick), but it gets on my nerves.

It’s time to distinguish between: Models, models and “models”. We’ll start at the third one and work our way up.

“models”: This is 90% of the “models” you run into in bars and clubs. The girl who says, “Oh, I used to model some,” or “I do a little modeling on the side.” What this translates into: she’s the prettiest one of her friends, all of which said she should try modeling. So whether to make a little extra cash (extra cash in like $30) or to stroke her ego, she gave it a go. She found an equally inexperienced and desperate photographer who also wants to break into the industry to take headshots of her, make her a little portfolio to show around and that’s about it. Half of these girls never even sent their “portfolio” to an agency or auditioned for a show… they just have some hot poses and a couple headshots and now for the rest of their lives they can talk about their “modeling phase” and how it was lame and not worth the trouble and they had better things to do. Really any semi-attractive girl can qualify for a “model.” Basically if you’re pretty enough that an ambitious photographer (most likely a young, horny guy) won’t say no to you, then you could be a “model” and drop it into your conversations with horny single guys for the next eight years.

Unfortunately, this is where most of the “I hooked up with a model last summer” or “She’s so hot, she used to model” stories come from. Again, I’m guilty as charged (2-3 years ago). I know that a lot of the marketing and hype of the PUA industry is based off girls like this too. It’s ironic actually, these girls hype themselves to us, and then we hype ourselves to each other…. All just so some start-up photographers can get a couple easy lays with girls desperate for attention. I’ve probably been with 6-8 girls like this, half of whom I didn’t believe for a second when they told me they “modeled.” You’d actually be surprised how many girls fall into this category… even a lot that aren’t that hot.

models: Lower-case ‘m’ models actually went a step further. They sent their portfolios out, they actually strutted in a couple shows, maybe their picture was actually used in a local magazine or on some club flyer or something. Still, these girls were never full-time professional. Regardless, this is the clear cut off for “this girl is legit hot.” Don’t care how small-time the show is, but you don’t walk a runway if you’re less than an 8.5.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of these girls get stuck here and get very frustrated. 9 out of 10 never graduate from the small-time “fashion shows” you see in second-hand markets or doing lame promotional spots for advertisements for vacuum cleaners or something lame like that. Some of these girls end up in the Maxim “hometown honeys” section or Playboy’s College issue or becoming cheerleaders for sports-teams. These girls are usually the one’s who have legitimate dreams of making it “big,” whether it’s in magazines or acting or whatever as they’ve put a lot of time and effort into getting these gigs. Even the one’s who do make a full-time gig out of it, and get to travel the NYC-Miami-LA circuit a couple times never make it “big” though. By the time they’re 24 or so, they’re getting over the hill and that’s when they give it up.

A lot of these girls take out their frustrations by becoming top shelf strippers (isn’t that an oxymoron?), gogo dancers, promo girls for large events (not those cheesy shot girls you see), moving to Vegas, shit like that. The money is just too easy for them in those vocations compared to the dog-eat-dog Modeling world (capital ‘M’).

These girls are also pretty sparse. Unless you live in NYC, Miami or Vegas, you probably won’t see more than 1-2 PER WEEKEND out. And that’s assuming you go to the top clubs. I’ve only hooked up with two of these girls in my life. I’ve been back in Boston for two weeks, and in the 5-6 nights I’ve gone out, I can’t recall seeing a single girl of this caliber (9+). That’s the reasoning you can assume a lot of the “I banged this model chick” marketing/hype/posts are BS — it’s the simple fact that it’s hard to find these girls. Unless the guy lives in NYC or Miami and I KNOW he’s good with women, I probably won’t believe him.

Models: Models with a capital ‘M’. These are your legit, real-life 10’s. The women you see in Vogue, AX ads, Abercrombie posters. These are legit full-time models, bringing in solid money, traveling the world circuit between NYC, Paris, Milan and Asia. They’re regularly courted by millionaires, professional athletes, celebrities, etc. If you actually are able to see one in a club, chances are the combination of bouncers/bodyguards/rich guys won’t let you close enough to say a word to them.

For these girls, the idea of being a Playmate is degrading. They’re busy doing calendar shoots in Bali and being flown in private jets to Brazil, not laying around with Hef (nothing against Hef, btw). These girls are almost never, ever American and almost always either Eastern European or South American. I’ve only SEEN 4-5 in my life, and only actually approached one… which lasted all of about 8 seconds.

Differences in Picking them up: A guy asked me in the comments recently what the psychological differences were in attracting girls like this versus “normal girls.” Although I still consider myself to have very limited experience with super-hot chicks…

Anyway… the most important thing to remember about hotter or “super hot” girls is that they’re people too. They have interests, hobbies, insecurities, dreams, fears, ideas, too. And so at the end of the day, you should still be treating them like people. The only noticeable difference with them is that they’re used to being approached and hit on about 10x more than most hot girls. What that means for us is:

– They’ve seen every “trick” or “line” in the book.
– They’ve had tons of guys buy shit for them and do them favors since they were like 15, so they’re probably over it.
– They’re much more socially savvy than most simply because they’ve been exposed to so much interaction.
– They’ve met guys smarter than you, cooler than you, hotter than you, more interesting than you, and richer than you, and probably turned them down.

In a nutshell, because they’ve been hit on 10x as much as your normal “hot” girl, the competition is much stiffer. Their standards are far higher. So you have to be attractive on many levels — inside and outside with both your lifestyle and personality, etc. They tend to have incredibly strong frames and are masters at subtly dominating you and the conversation. Again, this isn’t intentional by them, it’s just developed by the fact that they’ve had guys being sexual towards them since they hit puberty. They’ve turned down more guys’ advances than any of us have opened sets, so they’re actually very good at it. You rarely get a “fuck off,” or a “ugh, don’t talk to me,” from these girls. If they said that to guys, they’d be saying it six times a day.

Really the only way I’ve found to get through to them (again, in my limited experience) by connecting on a personal level quicker than most people. Typically, they’re used to guys being very superficial with them or trying to impress them in superficial ways, so if you can get your foot in the door (easier said than done) remain calm and unreactive (pretty hard), and connect with her on a personal level without coming across needy (takes practice), then you have a shot. Again, I say I have limited experience with girls like this because I really only SEE girls of this caliber 1-2 times a month. And I live in a pretty big city. Most of the time and effort with these girls revolves around finding them in the first place.

With that said, what I eventually found was a regular attractive girl with a insanely hot personality made me much happier. But I don’t want to get Mr. Rogers on you guys.

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14 Responses to Models, models and “models”

  1. Train says:

    Good post. I have a douchey friend who dated a “model”. “She was in Maxim!” he said to me. It didn’t make sense then. It does now.

  2. chaosman says:

    I think this post has good info but the whole modeling thing is irrelevant. What a girl does for her occupation is not a factor of her beauty and is mutually exclusive from how hot she is. There are plenty of girls that are way hotter than Models you see on vougue, maxim etc and they could care less about doing shoots. I hate when people say they hooked up with a gogo dancer, stripper, “model” etc because that frankly doesn’t mean shit. I would rather hookup with a hot lawyer and have an intelligent conversation with her after.

  3. sergey says:

    Oh, dude, this kind of posts is what I want to see. So true. I only wish your facebook account was as deep as this πŸ˜‰

    Chaosman – occupation has a lot to do with social exposure, a lawyer who types memos all day is not the same as a girl who has to flirt with guys to earn her tip. So I think the job does make a difference, but like Enthropy said, it is not a single indicator for the quality of the girl.

  4. Cornelius says:

    i m expierience, most oft the “models” and models i got to know were complete nutcases.
    i never ever met a Model, so I can’t tell you about them.
    but i had the luck to get to know 3 models and a lot “models” ( in munich nearly every 7 is a “model” because we have here a damn crappy model-agency i used to work for who have about 10 000 models registered for them in MUNICH ( i didn’t realisie that here live so many hot chicks), so really every chick has a “setcard” but none oft them has ever reall worked in ANY given way)
    all of the “models” were just normal girls, with sometimes a bit of a low self esteem.
    and the models… all 3 are anorexic, sometimes depressed (2/3) or really hardcore depressed (1/3) and not even a little bit interesting. Of course they looked really hot, but they had no energy, no real feminin energy, nothing radiating…just hot, but not attractive at all.
    maybe i had bad luck with my models, but he, thats m expierience…
    and in addition, there are so man extremely hot girls that don’t model.

    greets from munich, that city with the most “models” on earth πŸ˜›

  5. John Galt says:

    Micky and I are going to engrave “The hottest girls rarely make us the happiest” on your tombstone.

  6. ENC says:

    Good post, thanks man.

  7. anoymous says:

    touche chaosman…

    It puzzles me this enormous emphasis placed on a woman’s appearance. A woman is NOT what she looks like. The most “gorgeous” creatures may not at first glance cause your jaw to drop, yet they still can exude incredible sensuality, lusciousness, be able to carry on an interesting conversation, be lots of fun, and be AMAZING sexually. It’s the whole package which counts. A “Model” guarantees none of these.
    And in thirty years all a woman or man for that matter has is her/his beauty coming from the inside.

  8. Max Daniels says:

    So very true and honest. I’ve stuck with the phrase for a long time:
    A London 10
    A Chicago 9
    And a New York 8

    Sorry girls of London but a hot one of you is a diamond in the rough.

  9. anoymous says:

    So women are just pieces of meat to you???
    This feels very sad to me.
    I’m SO glad I’m in a great relationship and not out there dating.

  10. Peyton Williams Manning says:

    Great post Entropy. Solid, informative, and insightful.

    At this point, I can only imagine running game on a Model, but your description seems spot on (Based on scenarios I’ve played out in my imagination). I know it would be excruciatingly difficult to appear non-reactive while trying to make a personal connection, but I’d sure like to give it a try. πŸ™‚

    To those of you arguing about the attractiveness of personalities: I believe you’ve missed the overall theme of the post. This was a post more about the differences in the psychology of women who are constantly shown attention and affection because of their looks. Not to say that models are more attractive people overall.

    Oh and chaosman – your very argument could be used against you in the court-of-law… I’ve known some very boring lawyers πŸ™‚

  11. Entropy says:

    Yeah, I guess I’ll just say this again, because it needs to be said. This post reflects no judgment on girls based on their looks. It’s just that describing picking up ultra-hot girls is a relevant part of this community and industry, so this post is to comment on that.

    I’ve been with a number of models (and/or “models”) and I can vouch that most of them didn’t weren’t really that amazing personality-wise or dating-wise.

    Some of them were cool, but at the end of the day, my personal “top 10 hottest girls I’ve hooked up with” list looks very, very different from my “top 10 coolest girls I’ve hooked up with” list. I usually end up in relationships with the latter, not the former.

    But as always, we’re red-blooded males, so we get excited about chicks with tiny waists and nice boobs. We’re wired to. πŸ™‚

  12. SMoKeLioN says:

    On that note, ive found its very very few girls who are actually good in bed. By memory Id estimate around 10%

    Nowadays for me its like the girl only needs a minimum hotness and flirtyness level, and from there, whether I see her again is entirely based on her personality (especially humour…) and if she knows how to fuck.

  13. Rivelino says:

    I enjoyed reading this.

    I would only add that, within the Models category, there is also a wide variety of girls. Some true fashion models are not really that typically, traditionally gorgeous, especially if they are runway Models. These girls are just really tall and thin. They are just clothes hangers.

  14. Dangles says:

    Never mind “Art Models”. The term “Model” is so broad. I was a “Model” at Hollister because I worked on the floor folding clothes. Obviously I’m a dime =)

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