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I need to leave Brazil this Spring for a while for visa reasons and I want to make use of the time I’m away. One of my big goals this year is to do more speaking engagements. So this is an open call for speaking opportunities for this Spring. If you’d like to see me speak on dating and relationships, psychology and personal growth, business or entrepreneurship, and have connections to an organization that could sponsor it, please get in touch with me. You can find more information on the topics I can speak about on my speaking engagements page.

I’m interested in speaking at:

  • Conferences
  • Universities (Clubs or Classrooms)
  • Businesses/Organizations
  • Meet Up Groups/Support Groups
  • Anyone who can get 20+ people under the same roof

I don’t need money. But higher priority will be given to people who can provide some sort of financial assistance, even if it’s as simple as free rides from the airport and/or a paid hotel room.

Here’s my availability:

  • USA: March 27 thru April 8
  • Europe: April 14 thru April 25 (except 19th thru 21st)

If you’re connected to some group or organization, believe you can fit me in to a decent-sized audience, and can fit the dates, then let’s do it! Please email me with your idea and some details and we can get to work on it.

I’m excited to do this. It’s been a few years since I’ve done a lot of public speaking and I’m anxious to build up my presentation skills again. So let’s get on it. Hope to hear from you soon.

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7 Responses to Looking For Speaking Opportunities

  1. ZacChamp says:

    Coming up from South America taking our jerbs.

  2. PotHix says:

    Just for the record, you’re brazilian!? 🙂

  3. AntonioD says:

    In need of a break from Brazilian women, huh?
    I understand…

  4. EdmondDantes says:

    Hey Mark, did you get my speaking engagement request? Don’t want to annoy you, I’m just curious and want to make sure you received it 🙂

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