“It’s like climbing a mountain. You spend so much time and energy to climb a mountain and then you get to the top and you realize there’s a bigger mountain behind it that you couldn’t see before. So then you start climbing that mountain. And you get to the top of that mountain and you realize there’s another bigger mountain behind that. There’s always another mountain. And you just keep climbing.”

– Jay-Z

Welcome to the new site. I’d just like to take a moment to introduce you to some of the changes and what to expect over the coming months.

    • The first and most obvious difference is the name and brand. The name is now Facebook and social media friendly, so you can like articles and join a fan page (available soon) without all of your friends thinking you’re a creepy scumbag. In fact, I’d like to think this place will soon become a site that you’ll be proud to post on your Facebook page. If you want the idea and philosophy behind the new name, check out the first new article: A New Masculinity (it’s a long one). And finally, the new brand allows me to deviate from pick up a little bit and give more lifestyle advice and release programs and products that address other men’s issues aside from simply picking up women. The site will still mostly comprise of pick up and dating related content. But it will slowly branch out into other content over the coming months.
    • Products are listed under the Improve section. At the moment, only Models is listed, as it’s the only product of the kind of quality that I want to represent the brand. PickupTube and Man on Campus still exist, but will no longer be overtly advertised on the website.

  • The website is still very much not complete. I plan on adding some free reports and guides for each section, a Facebook page, a Twitter account which I will become active on (yes, I know, finally). Products are going to be integrated with the website itself with membership software, which will then be integrated into the forum, so you can use one single login with the site to access whatever coaching programs you’re part of, whatever reports or books you have access to, as well as the forum (and any private forums you have access to).
  • Speaking of coaching programs, I will resume work on the next G3 Program in about a week. The first module will be on approaching women and getting over social anxiety. It should hopefully be available late November or early December. Coaching programs on conversations and sexuality will follow soon after. Like I said, these will be accessed directly through the site and have their own area for posting progress and feedback.
  • Articles will be posted 4-5 times a week, of which about half will be written by me, half by other people. I have some very capable writers helping me out and you’ll be introduced to them this week. This week there will be no update tomorrow (Tuesday), but updates on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


So let me know what you think. I realize this is a bit of a radical new direction. But sorry, the whole pick up thing is a bit of a sinking ship, and I have higher ambitions than to talk about getting laid for the rest of my life. As with everything I’ve done, I go big or go home. Hopefully this works out and we create something really special here. Feel free to let me know what you think, either in the comments below or through email. And if you haven’t read it yet, you can start with the first new article: A New Masculinity.


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13 Responses to Introduction

  1. Kevin says:

    Personal opinion:

    Just a thought, you may want to consider not posting a ton of articles each week between you and all your writers.

    I find when a site puts out one or two quality articles a week, I have the time to think about and appreciate it them. Quality over quantity.

    If a site puts out too much content, it starts to feel less valuable and more disposable on some level. Also, after a while I start to think, “Forget this, I can’t keep up.” And once I stop trying to keep up with everything, I find my life goes on just fine without checking the site all the time, and I stop visiting.

    Like I said, just my own take on things. I realize there are also good arguments someone could make for posting more.

    • Mark says:

      I actually kind of agree with you. One of my favorite sportswriters recently brought on other writers and the site churns out 2-3 articles a day, whereas it used to just be him putting out 2-3 a week. And I kind of felt the same thing.

      We’ll see what happens. There’s a business side to the decision as well. But if for some reason it bombs, I can always go back.

  2. David says:

    Hi Mark

    Just popped in and thought I’d be one of the first to leave a message. It looks great!

    Really look forward to watching this project grow 🙂


  3. AC says:

    Love the direction of the changes you’re making, Mark. Good luck with the new site!

  4. Iago says:

    I like very much the changes…It is interesting, I decide to post the first time today so i see the changes.

    One thing, I search for some articles and I don’t find. “The world through the eyes of a beautiful women”. I have to say you something about this article.

    And also others…You have delete them?

    I thank you for the writing and advice, it is one of the bests sites I have seeing in the web.

    I agree about the thing of quality over quantity. And it’s very important. Time is very important.

    Good look anyway


  5. CPG says:

    I respect the willingness to risk something that already worked for you on the old site to try something better. The new format seems a good way to branch off to new topics that you haven’t written 100 different ways, and I like the idea of creating something mainstream-friendly that offers actual good advice about dating. Too many PUA-based sites are still embarrassing to show to anyone not in the scene.

    What’s going to be interesting is seeing how the demographics of your audience shifts with the new site. Hopefully you’ll both keep the core readers of the old site and get a whole new group of people from other backgrounds.

    The new article is a great start, looking forward to more.

  6. AJ says:

    Hey Mark-
    Great new site! I would expect nothing less from you of course…you’ve come through yet again, keep it up!

  7. David says:

    My only constructive criticism, having looked around more, is to not use the cheesy photobank photos. Some bloggers either use their own or use the more individual ones on Flickr (using the CC licence).

    The other thing is that I think it’s clear your target market is the American male. You mentioned you wanted a site which guys would be ok with ‘like-ing’ on Facebook and telling their friends about. I personally would have been more likely to share the other site (in fact, I have).

    Btw I tried to share an article on my iPad but didn’t see the share by email button – is there one?

    Finally – I’m sure the content of the site will be just as brilliant as PP, so I am sure to keep this site bookmarked as a go-to place for the latest in men’s issues.

    • Mark says:

      I pull the photos from a google image search. So they’re taken from random places.

      And you’re definitely in the minority on sharing the previous site on Facebook over this one. Hell, *I* didn’t even share my old site on Facebook because of the stigma.

      …Oh and P.S.: Facebook is not an American thing anymore. 😉

  8. Jo says:


    first of all great new direction you are heading, i could never understand why the old websitedesign was so (not really ugly) but without an really design.. haha ^^

    but question asked as an Internet Marketer, why aren’t you using Redirections from your old site to this new one?
    I bookmarked some articles, but they all only redirecting to the frontpage and not to the same articles here on postmasculine…
    or if you are using them, they didn’t not worked for me…

    have a great day..

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