Today is the release of Escape Plan: Ditch the Rat Race, Discover the World, Live Better with Less and as promised, there is a big contest with the release. Well here it is:

Each person who buys the book has a chance to submit to me their idea for a trip abroad. Whoever sends me the best idea, I will pay for their flights and accommodation so they can go do it.

I.e., I’m buying someone an international trip somewhere in the world.

What do I mean by “best idea”? I mean the most creative, the most inspiring, the most attention-grabbing. I’m not talking about laying around some resort for five days, or backpacking through Asia for two months. I mean something really unique, original, spectacular. I’m talking about doing something or going somewhere that will blow people’s minds. If you can come up with it and if it’s awesome enough, I’ll pay for it.

Complete instructions are included (guess where?) with the book when you buy it. Click below and grab it to find out more information.

Click Here To Learn More

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23 Responses to I Will Pay For Your Dream Trip

  1. Peter says:

    Sweet! When’s the deadline/last day you’re taking applications?

  2. JA says:

    Awesome Mark!

    I got a great idea but unfortunately:

    1. It requires two people.
    2. I’m working on my PhD and it is part of an international cooperation. I don’t want to sacrifice that and don’t want to let down the other partners.

  3. Rafal says:

    any deadline for the contest entry?

    • Mark Manson says:

      Dec 1st. Winner announced on the 10th.

      • Rafal says:

        great. then i have some time to think that one through. thank you for answering. im very curious about the book, surely it will answer some (if not all most) of the questions i have. im thinking about saving some money and go backpacking around the globe. my goal is to atleast “set foot” on each one of the continents and i am sure it will come true one day.

  4. Dave says:


    Next year is shaping up to be a big year in travel for me, this couldn’t come at a better time.

  5. geert says:

    By accomodation you don’t happen to mean a vip lounge in a hilton hotel? 😀

  6. Jean says:

    ” I wrote a book, motherfuckers” – LOOOOOOOOOOOOL
    ” When i say Holy crap, i mean it… literally” – LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
    ” I’m here because it’s free” – LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  7. Brian Pereira says:

    Cant wait to read the book,

    im planning on going traveling next year, after I finish school, for one year to visit all the continents (minus Antarctica), ill submit to you my planned route when I buy the book


  8. Kyle Gray says:


    It looks like a great book, I was expecting something like the 4HWW for a while but this looks like an excellent resource. After reading some of your other work I feel I am very much following in your shoes, and it is my goal to do similar things to what you are doing someday.

    I have tried to click the “add to cart” links and it keeps pushing me back to this page. maybe it’s user error, but I wanted to let you know.

    I have a great dream adventure and I am excited to participate.

  9. Tom says:

    Is there a limit to the time frame of the trip that we are creating?

  10. TA says:

    Just to let you ll know how creative people can get

  11. Marc says:

    I bought the book yesterday. Haven’t read it all yet but skimmed through it. Contains good info; the best sections look to be where Mark gives his perspectives on different cultures and the section on learning other languages. Overall, I’d say good job! 🙂

    -Writing this post on the road by the way…. just ordered ‘boisson’ (drink) in the excellent bar of St Christopher’s hostel in Paris, over-looking Canal St Martin. Despite the time of year, it’s fine warm and sunny here, and there are way less tourists too 🙂

  12. The Notorious Phd says:

    What’s the beach in the screen of the video? Spectacular.

  13. Chris E says:

    I have so little desire to leave the US/Canada lately. I am not sure why… I always assumed I had a strong desire to travel, but now upon introspection, the fire doesn’t burn as bright as I had thought.

    I haven’t even see D.C., most of California or New York… should probably see my own country first. Then Canada offers a lot of chill opportunities.

    The most exciting travel aspirations would be adventure based, like Wing Suit diving in the alps, visiting a tribe in the amazon and drinking their shamanic drink, Safari in Africa, Camel expedition to the Pyramids, finding the greatest beaches, finding the greatest rollar coasters…etc

    And…of course….my BIGGEST travel aspiration… #1 on my bucket list.

    To travel to space.

    Unfortunately these are all expensive, and things I’d prefer to do with people friends. Require some foundation building I’m afraid.
    No travel for me yet.

  14. aT says:

    Just finished reading the book. Great read!!! Glad I bought it..worth the buck!!..the extra’s were great as well…

  15. Amie says:

    Mark… hope you take the time to answer this. What if I submit an incredible idea, and then you pick someone else and go through with my idea? Genuinely not meant to be accusatory, just curious. Maybe this is outlined in the contest details, but I haven’t bought the book yet.

    • Mark Manson says:

      You mean I go out and do some of the ideas that readers submit myself even if they don’t win?

      I suppose it depends on the ideas. If yours is highly specific and personal, then chances are I won’t do it, or not at least without mentioning it. But I imagine I will get ideas for cool things that I could do from reader submissions.

  16. Ben J Man says:

    Hey Mark, did have tapas for lunch? Because this place smells like Erika Awakening LOL

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