I came across a “Global Sex Survey” done by the condom company Durex a couple years ago. They surveyed 317,000 people from 41 countries between the ages of 16 and 70 on their sexual experiences, behavior and history. Some of the more interesting statistics I found:

  • The global average age to lose your virginity is 17. Women lose their virginity about half a year before men. This statistic is also trending younger — i.e., each generation is having sex at younger and younger ages.
  • The global average of sexual partners is 9. Men average 10 partners in their lifetime (and 1.3 a year when they’re single), and women average 7 in their lifetime. Believe it or not, Turkey tops the charts with 14.5 partners on average.
  • India is the prudest country in the world, waiting until they’re 20 to lose their virginity on average and averaging only 3 partners in their lifetime. Over 65% of the population sleeps with one person their entire life. This matches up with the experiences I’ve had with Indian girls over the years.
  • Norway and Sweden have the most unprotected sex. They also have the most STD’s (20% of the population).
  • The Chinese and Japanese are the least content with their sex lives. The Japanese also have sex a third as often as most countries in the Western world.
  • The Scandinavians have the most one night stands. The Turks cheat on their spouses the most. And the USA has the most homosexual encounters (oh, the irony).
  • The Greeks and Balkan states (Croatia, Serbia, etc.) have sex the most often… about 30% more often than Western Europe and the US.

My only complaint about this survey is that Latin America and Russia weren’t included. I think Mexico, Argentina and Russia would have had some interesting results, and I imagine Brazil would top the charts in multiple categories. It’s a shame they weren’t included.

Check out the full survey here: http://www.doxtop.com/Browse/55c3e623/global-sex-survey-results-by-durex.aspx

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2 Responses to Global Sex Survey

  1. Tim says:

    That’s an old survey. Go to the durex site and check out the latest one, which I think includes Brazil.

  2. Steve says:

    Wow I get a ways to go. I am a 38 year virgin, good career, nice guy syndrome, raised in a strict religious family with no sisters. My problem is that I have approach anxiety around attractive single women. The sad thing is women like me but only as a friend and the ones usually interested in me I am not attracted to.

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