File this under the same categories as being good-looking.

The categories: something guys vastly overrate in importance; something that gives you an advantage but isn’t necessary; something that ends up attracting the kind of women you may not necessarily even want; and something that pop culture places more significance on than most individual people do.

I’m going to keep this short and sweet. There are two things relating to money and women:

1) Money creates opportunity. It gives you a wider array of venues and cities you can go to, grants you access to nicer and higher quality events and people, and allows you to have more stress-free fun. You don’t have to worry about figuring out an affordable date to go on, and you never have to fret about who’s picking up the bill.

But that’s about it. A little more opportunity. I’ll tell you from personal experience, four years ago I lived on my friend’s couch, had no money and had no job — yet, I was dating four very attractive girls, one of them a model. Jump ahead to present-day. I have a successful internet business, am completely financially self-sufficient, am able to travel the world and live in very nice places. I always pay for dates and never worry about where I’m taking girls. I go to the most expensive clubs now pretty regularly.

Have my results changed? Not at all, really. Like I said, I’m just presented more opportunities these day, and nicer opportunities. If anything, I just don’t have to work quite as hard as I used to.

I can also attest from my years of coaching. I’ve worked with tons of very wealthy lawyers, engineers and bankers who have more money than they know what to do with, but can’t get a date to save their life.

2) The other factor to keep in mind about money is this… I have a friend who is a very successful investor and lives a very high-quality lifestyle. He’s also amazing with women, but he never buys them drinks, never buys $1,000 tables at the club, doesn’t buy extravagant clothes or jewelry, and doesn’t even own a car.

I asked him once why he doesn’t use all of his money to his advantage. He replied saying that when he first made a lot of money, he tried it out. He bought VIP tables at the nicest clubs, spent a ton of money on frivolous things and took extravagant trips to Miami and Vegas. But he said he stopped. Why?

In his words: “When you use money to attract women, you end up with women who are only attracted to money.”

And I suppose that’s better than no women. But let’s be real, no man wants to end up dating a gold-digger.

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2 Responses to Are Women Attracted to Money?

  1. tony says:

    Great post.

    Yeah as your friend said money will just attract women who is interested in money. However i still want to make my millions and i can use the money to fuck the few other girls that dont want to fuck me, i could use money and fuck them. Money just completes everything. Just like in certain countriees, certain girls wont fuck you because you dont speak their language, if you knew fluently their language you would fuck them, the same with money,if you could afford a trip for a broke chick from a poorer country to your 1st world country, its a guaranteed fuck.

    Usually when i get a girls number, i have to fuck it, even if she changes her mind, i must convince her to fuck, but once i fuck her, mission completed, im like get the fuck outta here.

    But yeah in general when you have looks and game and then money, your goal is just to fuck, not matter how, even if you have to spend few dollars, but i wouldnt go as far as buying VIP tables and shit…i dont need all that shit

  2. james says:

    The fact that you had success w/ women when you were broke in your early 20s is an awful basis for making your point. I’m sure you could do well today without money. But, it just seems to be a lazy argument that because you were successful when couch surfing at 23 or whatever that the same would hold true in your late 20s/early 30s. Granted, this post is two years old and everything I’ve read besides this has had much deeper analysis (just found the site yesterday).

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