Welcome to the new website. It’s been designed for greater usability and readability. Things have been toned down quite a bit and everything will be a bit more straightforward. I plan on posting more often and have some great post ideas lined up over the next couple weeks.

You’ll notice that I added two new pieces that were previously exclusive to the email list:

The Life Purpose Guide
How to 80/20 Your Life

There is some more newsletter content that will be going up soon as well as a previously recorded podcast with Chris Guillebeau. Look for those soon and then a return to steady posting.

Please note: the online programs are currently down. We’re hoping to have them back up and running by tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience.

In the meantime, look around and let me know what you think. As usual, comments and criticisms are appreciated.

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27 Responses to Back in Action

  1. Also notice the sleek new commenting system.

  2. NoahMangubat says:

    Why are certain links crossed out?

  3. MahdiKaiser says:

    This is great, but I kinda miss the PostMasculine logo on the top

  4. It still looks under construction so I’ll wait for it to be fully completed first  b-u-t  as you can guess, I didn’t think you needed to tamper with the previous theme. And the one before that. 
    But as you had settled on the Balance theme, I’m very sure it could have been revised and stretched to look more like what you were looking for. It’s a bit like the hot girl spending far too much time in front of the mirror “Do I look good? Do I look good?” when we’re already attracted and want to beyond the clothes, as it were.

  5. ps NOT a fan of leaving comments through Livefyre

  6. PeterZ says:

    Looks pretty good so far, but I’ll have to see again in a few days once it’s fully working.
    Only complaint so far, the carousel for ‘Latest Articles’ on the homepage moves excruciatingly slow.

  7. ayjay says:

    Not a fan of the black-and-white-star-trek-like-effect background.  It’s somewhat distracting… In fact, that was where my attention immediately went to the first time opened the page.

  8. Joao Antunes says:

    A little bit too black and white for my taste (creates a cold envrionment), but it’s not bad . The other version was much more appealing. If i were lost on the internet and stepped into this website i would not take it seriously. The other website looked more professional for some reason…
    I would add my presentation there, it was good!
    Apart from that i’ll wait till it is fully constructed.

  9. BrianPereira says:

    love the updated organization of the site, but gotta say the old style felt more friendly and down-to-earth, this new style feels like its trying to be too sophisticated

  10. Seems the universal complaint is the background and color scheme. Apparently the backgroudn is fucking up on a lot of browser. So probably just going to axe it. Thanks for your patience everybody.

  11. DamanBahner says:

    Looks nice, but Disqus rules….nice work!

  12. The logo as it stands now is way too big 
    Instead of having a quote from someone else, why not put your own one up there? I think that’d be great, and you’d avoid Henrik Edberg syndrome : )  Look fwd to seeing how this all turns out

    • ayjay says:

      @GetIntoEnglish I’m fine with the quote… I think it’s fine as it is.  If anything, maybe Mark can do a random quote each day.  (Mark, just have it auto generated each day from a database of your favorite quotes!)

    • @GetIntoEnglish Because putting my own quote up there would seem a little pretentious imo. Nietzsche’s quote sums up the philosophy of the site well and it lends some intellectual credibility. And I just like it.

      • @postmasculine Yeah, I get that, but you could do a quote (eg from yourself) which is unattributed. Could be a personal thing, I’m getting tired of reading quotes on the net from other bloggers.Much prefer today’s white look than the black cosmic background you had up yesterday.

  13. Dr Knight says:

    good on my droid. Commenting is horrible on the phone browser though. Right now, I’m guessing what I’m trying to type because it automatically sends me to the very bottom of the page while I type.

  14. Jarretts says:

    The forum is really hard to find.  Is it being phased out because sometimes it has really good info?

  15. francoisraphael says:

    Hey, I really like the updated design and layout. Nice work! However, while the sans serif font is great for headings, it’s a pain to read in the articles. The serif font you had before is way more readable and drew me into the article content–this one makes me feel removed and distracted. I would recommend using two typefaces, making the article body text an easily readable serif. I use a sans serif header font and serif body font combo all the time and if done right it adds to the visual clarity and coherence of a layout.

  16. icm1187 says:

    Your latest articles don’t quite pop like they did on the last site, there is nothing drawing my attention to articles when the site loads. It’s just the logo and landing page picture. I’m kind of “lost” until i scroll down, and when I do, it leaves me wanting more.

  17. Transitionalman says:

    Look in the end, your gonna have people that approve and disapprove on the site design. Regardless of what you decide to settle with, anyone who is a committed reader will continue to visit and do so accordingly. Besides, it’s YOUR website and despite what may or may not being appealing to the general eye, the content of this site is really what we are all here for.

  18. Almog says:

    A mi me gusta mucho.

  19. questra says:

    Loving the new layout and look!

  20. Because I haven’t said anything yet 😉 here’s my view – the landing page is not really an efficient use of space either from the point of view of getting people to read the blog or to click to find out about the products. For instance, the photo is so big that on my Mac it takes up almost the whole screen, and the ‘clicking points’ below are not fully visible. The ‘latest articles’ link is off the page. So you may lose some first time readers. 
    As well you say: “This article is the best representation of the site and what it stands for: A New Masculinity” but this article, your best representation, is hard to find. What is your business? I’d say it’s this phrase: “make major changes to your life with Postmasculine’s books and courses” and so I’d find a way to highlight this (without doing a major OTT hard sell). Right now it’s not clear to me from the new site design what you’re business is – whereas before I sure did. As usual you can see the folks are still coming in and engrossed in the writing so I hope the design part can be dealt with well. Good luck : )

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