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  • It’s been almost two years to the day that I released Models. At the time, I ran a marginal, but growing, pick up blog. When I wrote the book, the thought of introducing the concepts [...]

  • A few weeks ago I took an extended hiatus, partly to recharge my batteries and partly to make a lot of headway on the new book. The idea was I’d take some much-needed time off, [...]

  • As promised, here are some videos from the speaking tour this past spring. The main video embedded here is a group discussion I had in Philadelphia with about 20 men. The first 30 minutes are [...]

  • I read an article the other day on time management and it emphasized the importance of saying no and turning down projects which aren’t sufficiently urgent or beneficial in order to focus on the tasks [...]

  • For those of the men who are single, sexless and stressing about it. Take a moment to consider… …That before meeting someone, instead of worrying whether they’ll like you, you could wonder if you’ll like [...]

  • Some practical advice today. I read a shit-ton. And I occasionally get asked about it, particularly from college students. “How can I read more? How can I read faster? How can I remember and use [...]

  • So stop me if you’ve heard this one before. There’s this guy. He’s like a prince, or an orphan, or kind of a loser — like an orphan-prince-loser-type guy. And then there’s this girl. And [...]

  • In psychology, there’s a well-observed phenomenon known as the actor/observer bias and it states that we’re basically all a bunch of assholes. The actor/observer bias states that all of us unconsciously assume others to be [...]

  • I should start off by saying the reasons laid out in this article on why young Americans should work overseas are practical and not ideological. This is not a liberal argument or a conservative argument; [...]

  • I used try to convince myself that I didn’t want to have sex. Yeah, it sounds weird, but it’s true. At least in very specific contexts it was true. Like girl-in-my-bed-with-her-shirt-off-at-3AM type of contexts. This [...]

  • I am close to finishing my speaking tour and, as you can imagine, I’ve been talking a lot about vulnerability and why it’s so beneficial for men to implement into their lives. Interestingly, the same [...]

  • I was originally going to run a post this week about over-expression of emotion. But in light of the bombs exploding at the Boston Marathon yesterday, I’d like to take a moment and comment on [...]

  • Last week’s don’t-fuck-up-your-dating-life trilogy (here, here and here) was received with a lot of enthusiasm, much more than I expected. I even received a number of emails from men who, within days, implemented some of [...]

  • There were a few comments yesterday from people about my post on how to date amazing women saying it was too extreme and that everyone has faults. Of course, everyone has faults. It’s impossible to [...]

  • There are a number of men out there who have surrendered to the belief that all women are overly-emotional and all women are manipulative and all women are untrustworthy and will immediately trade up the [...]